Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love valentine's day. It is probably because my parents made it so special for me when I was growing up. Every year my dad would give each kid a special card that he picked out just for you. In it he wrote the things he was proud of us for and told us how much he loved us. To this day I wait eagerly to get his special card. My mother always gave us yummy treats and little presents and now she sends us special packages with goodies and fun valentine themed stuff. I hope to make the day just as special for my growing family.

I have had fun making a few cards this year. Below are two that I gave to friends. It is a mini garland made of paper hearts that I sewed together on the sewing machine. It wasn't my brilliant idea though I copied my sister Stephanie. She made a garland like this and showed it on her blog last year. I wrote notes on the back, folded them up, and put them in envelopes.

Another brilliant idea I got from my sisters is to make photo valentines. Candice taught how to do it in one of her creating keepsakes articles last year. It is a great idea to share with friends and family and almost as cheap to print them as it is to buy a box of little cards.

I did these in a hurry and you can't read this one very well (it says: Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day! Love, Logan).

It sure is hard to get a picture of a 17 month old! He is so busy these days. I can barely keep up.

I don't have many valentine's day decorations so I made a garland like this one found on It was super easy and I think that it turned out pretty cute too.

So what are your Valentine's Day traditions? I would love more ideas.

There, I did it, I finally posted again! Hooray!