Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter in Canada

Winter is long and extra cold in our neck of the woods.  Somehow we have adjusted to -40 degrees and even managed to get out here and there this winter.

For family home evening one Monday we invited some friends to go sledding and ended the night with doughnuts and hot chocolate (the boys' hands were full so they couldn't manage to pull their hats up out of their eyes).  We are so glad that Hailey and Ruby Hamilton (pictured here) and Matt and Jasmine Roberts joined us. 

Elsie is always a trooper through our adventures.  I guess she doesn't really know any different than layers of clothes and blankets.

We took the boys ice skating for the first time this year.  There is a park downtown that has a fun outdoor rink that is free, even the skates are free to borrow. 

I was surprised by how much Campbell liked skating.  He didn't want to stop.  We pushed him around and around the rink until we were too exhausted to go any further.  He did a really good job. 

Mike and I took turns taking the boys around while the rest of the family watched on a bench.  Campbell took advantage of his breaks by eating what the boys call a "snow snack".

Logan says that he wants to be a hockey player when he grows up.  We took the boys to a hockey game this winter and Logan was crushed when we had to leave a few minutes early.  The game was late at night and Campbell was melting down by the end. 

Elsie sporting one of her little sweaters.

Did I mention winter is really long here?  We have to get creative to keep ourselves entertained.  Glow sticks in the tub, a birthday party for squeaky (Logan's beloved stuffed mouse), and riding bikes in the church gym are just a few of the desperate ways we have fought against boredom. 


The boys are attacking our melting snowman with colored water before knocking him down.  Poor guy.

Snowballs!  Right after this picture I got nailed.  I didn't think Logan would be able to aim through the tiny crack in the sliding door...I was wrong!
Notice our poor snowman's carrot nose and smashed banana mouth strewn carelessly to the wayside.  Note to the wise: don't use a banana on your snowman.  It will result in a hideous brown pile that resembles dog waste when your snowman melts and who wants a brown smile anyway?  Not your snowman!  I'm just sayin'...


After our snowman melted we were blessed with more snow...Hooray?

The only time the boys are calm and quiet is when I turn on cartoons or read them a book and Elsie just goes with the flow.  And yes, that would be Campbell's squeaky hiding under his cheek.  Yep, Campbell is almost as obssessed as Logan with his little stuffed mouse. 

Happy Winter!  You may be asking yourself "Happy winter?  Aren't you a little late?"  To which I would answer "I wish, winter will be here a while yet (sob)".  It is super late, can you tell?  The crazy narrative will probably be edited out tomorrow when I am conscious so enjoy for now and pretend it never happened.