Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fun Things that I have done in the last few weeks:

1. Flew to kentucky.
2. Took care of my favorite nephewsfor a few days while my sister was out of town. Playing mom was really fun. We went to the park and played games.
3. Watched Gilmore Girls with my sister Candice. My sisters both watch it and now I am addicted too. Isn't that show so great? Candice and I went to the grocery store where I picked out way too much of my favorite junk food. We had to eat all that junk while we watched part of season two because that is what they do on their fabulous movie nights. How are they not super-duper fat? They are always eating on that show.
4. Stephanie came for a day and we had a suprise birthday party for her. Grant, Cole, and I made a big poster and decorated the ouse with balloons. Well, first we walked to the store to get the supplies but first we had to stop ofr ice cream. Mark bought a purse pinata, ice cream cake, and girlie party favors. We had a blast hitting the pinata. Everyone was blind folded with a sheet while someone held up the pinata on each end of the ribbon rope. There was candy and whistles inside so we had to simultaneously blow our whistles as loud as we could for a few minutes.
5. Larry loves cemetaries so we made sure that we made a visit to the famous Louisville cemetary. The lady that wrote happy birthday is buried there along with col. sanders the founder of KFC. Of course we had to get a picture in front of his grave which I will be sure to post soon.
6. Candice took my picture for a new article she is writing for work. We walked along bardstown street and looked at the cool boutiques while we found neat places to take pictures.
7. Candice and I went to The Devil Wears Prada. We ended up having the entire theater to ourselves. It was a Monday night so no one else was there. We were as loud as we wanted to be.
8. I went to My Fair Lady while in Louisville. Mark, my brother in law, did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed the actors' theater version.
9. Steph and I watched Parent Trap II. It brought back good memories. Man that is one quality film!
10. Candice and I found our favorite songs on Itunes and burned cds.
11. We also found a super cool salvage yard near downtown. It was enourmous. There were three yards and four large houses worth of old stuff. We could have stayed and looked around forever. I wish that I could have brought home everything.
12. When I flew into Las Vegas Mike was there waiting for me. I really missed him. We just had our eight month anniversary. I can't believe it. It has gone by so fast. Mike brought me daisies and I came home to some thoughtful gifts. He is a good husband. I love you Mike.
13. I missed a lot of work and it was a nice break. I came back for two days and now it is a long weekend. I love holidays!!
14. Here I am in Utah now. Mom and I went to a store and saw super cute halloween pillows. They were rather expensive so we decided that we could make them ourselves. We then went to the fabric store and bought the supplies to make 'em.
15. Tonight was the last night of the storytelling festival so we got tickets to go. It was at the outdoor theater of Orem's Scera Shell. Kelli and Kirt were there with his family and mom, dad, and I sat by them. Grandma and Madison Borup also came. It was packed but very entertaining.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Mike finished the first draft on his thesis!!! Hip-hip-hooray! Now I will have more time to get on the computer. I promise that I will be a better blogger.

This is a picture of mike bbq-ing in front of our apartments. We keep the bbq on our deck but we aren't allowed to use it there. Therefore, everytime we want to use it we have to carry it down the stairs and cook out front. Mike and I got the bbq as a wedding gift from the guys at mike's old work. It was supper nice of them.

Sunday School

This weekend I taught a lesson on the law of chastity (2 samuel 11-12) to my 14-16 year olds. They were really good. I gave them some hershey's hugs and told them to just keep it to little hugs instead of getting in trouble with the opposite sex. They thought that it was funny. Mike is going to scout camp this coming weekend with the boys. We enjoy working with the youth in our ward.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So much has happened!!! Stephanie, you are probably the only one reading this so I will just direct this to you. . .

The Farewell

Eli's farewell was great. He did a good job speaking although he spoke super fast. Dad said that, that was the most he has Eli say in three years combined. Mom told me that he worked really really hard on his talk and that he practiced everyday. At the end of his talk he thanked his family members individually even though his to oldest sisters could not be there. He thanked stephanie for being so smart that she always thought of ways for him to find his way out of trouble. He thanked me for literally always being there. He said that I was always there to talk to when he had a bad day. Of course I couldn't help but get emotional and it was just my luck that the special musical number that mom and I were performing was next. We sang the Olive Tree and I would say that is went quite well. Although, I couldn't hit the high notes as I would have liked because I was all choked up. To my suprise, mom made it through the whole song without shedding a tear. Can you believe it?
Eli had a lot of friends and relatives at the farewell and mom had a luncheon at our house after sacrament meeting. Isn't that so apostate for the wife of the bishop to tempt so many to skip out on church?

My Birthday

We drove up to Utah Friday night and we arrived sometime after 2:30 a.m. We slept in and then went to Jay dogs for lunch. Meanwhile, mom and g-ma carr were shopping for luncheon refreshments for Eli's missionary farewell, g-pa carr was on the computer (Who would have guessed?), and dad was working on a project in the back yard. After lunch Mike dropped me off at home and ran a few errand so I watched TV. Kelli was still on the drive home from her honeymoon, laurel was working, and everyone else was busy. I sat around all day and finally at four o'clock I decided that I was going to cut my hair. Mom looked in the phone book and called a million places to find a place that had openings before they closed. I ended up at Dallas Roberts in Orem. I chopped atleast seven inches of my hair off. Don't you just love a new hair cut?
After that dad bbqued sammon (sp?) and we had dinner. Grandma and Grandpa Carr got me a bed skirt (It is what I specifically asked for) and mom and dad got me a clock. Mike got me a new quad/set of scriptures with my new name on it. We had some ice cream cake and then mom, gma and I played a game or two.
Even though it was late we had planned on going up to the drive-in movies towards SLC. We picked up Lisa and Kade (my brother and sister-in-law) and headed up in the good old bronco. At the point of the mountain we got stuck in traffic for an hour or so and missed the show. So we turned around and went home to bed because by now it was very late.
I hate to say it but my birthday sucked. I hate birthdays. I always go into it setting my expectations low but it is never low enough and then I am diappointed.


We brought bob to Utah, of course. He always loves it there because he gets to play in the grass and he loves Hobbes. He is a very curious dog. He loves to explore, chase things, and dig holes. He followed dad around all afternoon on saturday while he was working in the yard. He was covered in mud. It all started when he was chasing the water dad was squirting out of the hose. He was really good at the farewell luncheon. He loves people and the kids especially love him.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I just started my very own blog! However I don't have time to say much tonight because mike is going to work on his thesis.
Until tomorrow friends.