Friday, March 12, 2010

Remember Me?

It has been a long time and I am full of excuses, number one being, we have been "homeless" since November. To make a long story short, we have traveled all over Texas, visited Utah flew back to Texas and you can now find us in Florida. After a very long serach we found an awesome house and are settling in.
I am way behind but here are a few pictures of my growing boys.

Our house is perfect for Logan to ride around on his tricycle. We love it!
I am still not sure what to do with that hair.

Campbell is getting so big, he will be eleven months old next week. I seriously have no idea where the time has gone. He is a very fast crawler and has little interest in walking. He loves to eat and he likes to just do his own thing. He is a very busy little guy but overall easy going. He adores Logan and likes to chase Bob the dog.

Look at all those teeth. Campbell has eight teeth and counting. He is not a picky eater and he eats a lot. Seriously, I don't think my two boys could be more different.

The good news about moving (when you're 2).

We are huge Buzz fans around here.

This is the view from our back yard.

The point it is, we are finally in one place for the time being and we are loving it here in Florida. The weather has been great, we are close to the beach, not far from Disney World or Miami, and we are so lucky to live right next door to members. We love you Melins!
Now all we need is visitors.