Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello Summer!

The summer is flying by and we are enjoying every minute.  I thought I would show a few things that we have been up to.

Cars 2 opened June 24th, the boys could hardly wait for this day.  We went all out with the treats and the popcorn and the boys thought they were in heaven.  Logan is showing you his new Lightening Mcqueen (which he calls Fire Mcqueen because the new Lightening has flames painted on the sides).  The boys have been earning the new characters by doing their chores.  It has been a great enticement.

The boys loved the movie.   Campbell cheered when the movie started and they laughed the whole way through.  It was so fun to watch how excited they were.   

For my birthday the boys took me out to dinner and I had such a fun time.  These two are hilarious. 
P.S. Lately they insist on wearing boots everywhere, sometimes you just gotta roll with it.


 After dinner Mike got a babysitter.  First we went to the movies and saw Super 8 and then we went to a little concert.  Meaghan Smith just happened to be playing at a local "cafe" on my birthday.  She was awesome!  I love her music and she was even super nice.  I went up and chatted with her before she went on.  I am aware of the hideousness of this picture but it is the only one that worked out in the concert.  Mike wanted me to point out that we are not "high", the flash was a little bright.  It was such a fun night!  
Thanks Mike for the wonderful gifts and fun date.  It ended up being a great birthday!


To keep ourselves entertained we end up going to the Zoo quite often.  I love this picture of the boys watching the prairie dogs. 

One week for Family Home Evening we had a picnic at the zoo.  We had fun feeding the peacocks, chickens, and geese bread crumbs but Campbell's favorite part was the zoo cat.  This kid chased the cat around the entire zoo.   

One day we went to the zoo just to test out our new rainboots and umbrellas.  It has been a very rainy month. 

More puddles.

Logan just finished swim lessons.

The boys are constantly begging me to take them over to this dirt pile near our home.  We have spent hours here.  It never gets old for them.

When we aren't digging in the dirt we are riding bikes. 

Logan has been attending preschool twice a week for two and a half hours.  His teachers Mrs. Thiessen and Mrs. Dagenais have been wonderful.  This was his last day of school party and he is excited to start again in the fall. 

We love you summer! 

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

Mike's Grandmother, Gladys Garner recently passed away at the age of 92.  Her funeral was held in Burley, Idaho so we all piled into the truck and headed south on a 17 hour driving adventure.  Yellowstone just happened to be on the way so we decided that would be a good place to take a driving break.  The best part was that my Sister Stephanie and her family just happened to be there that day too! 

We had just been in the park for a half hour or so when we drove past this black bear just off the road.  It was so exciting to see all the animals.  We saw Bison, Elk, deer, and Moose too.   

We met the Fords at Old Faithful.  Creed had this cool hat that Logan so admired so we bought one for both our boys too.  These guys could not be more opposite but they are best buddies.  It is so fun to see them together.  They always have so much fun. 

There goes Old Faithful. 

This is our little family in front of Old Faithful.

 In my defense, I am five months pregnant here and we had done a lot of driving.  I'm just sayin'.  


We just couldn't resist the suckers in the gift shop so we had to take a lollipop picture. 

I think this was Spasm Geyser.

Here is my lovely and ever so talented Sister Stephanie.

After we saw Old Faithful we headed up the road to the mud pots (I think that's what they were, we saw a lot of geysers and such).  This is Larry and me enjoying the stinky steam.

Here we all are (okay,minus me, I'm taking the picture).  I thought our stroller parade was pretty funny.

Sadly we only saw the Fords for a few hours before we parted ways but before we left we went to see a few of Yellowstone's amazing waterfalls.  Even Squeaky the mouse enjoyed the view.

I think the boys really enjoyed Yellowstone, it was sad the stop was so short but we plan on returning in few years. 

Notice Campbell doesn't seem too thrilled in any of the pictures; the poor guy had ear infections and was in a lot of pain.  He has had them for two months! We just can't get rid of them.  Several rounds of antibiotics later and I think that we are finally almost in the clear.  Keep your fingers crossed.