Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Cops n' Robbers

It all started when we bought Logan a policeman Halloween costume at costco that he just couldn't live without.  Suddenly he wanted to be a police officer when he grows up and a short time later announced that he was going to have a cops and robbers birthday party.  He was sure to tell everyone at church and all our neighbors so it was settled...we were having a police themed party, AH!  Well after much delay here we are:
There were 9 kids, it was total chaos so did I get many pictures? Neigh, I did not!  I am so sad so just use your imagination.
Start using that imagination now. I got this picture before the finsihed product but you get the idea.
Thank you Amy for making the rice krispy balls!  I love the way they turned out.  The kids actually ate them and they were way easier than cake.
First the kids painted their badges.

Officer Tyken abd Officer Berkley hard at work.

Then is was time for their police training (an obstacle course).  They each took turns crawling through a tunnel, around the lamp post, down the slide, saved a baby from a burning building, gave cinderella a speeding ticket, shot at a target, and finished up by tackling Gerald the bad-guy monkey and throwing him in jail (again, I wish I had the pictures to show).  Wah-wah.

Officer Walker issuing a ticket.

If only I had a picture of this officer bursting through the back door!
Target shooting. This picture was taken the next day.  This is what happens when Logan dresses himself.  How does he find the grubbiest clothes possible?  Anyway...

When the obstacle course was successfully completed the officers were rewarded with their cops n' robbers kits.   I had some canvas on hand to make the loot bags and just used the freezer paper technique to paint on the $. 

I think the kits were a hit!  Just ask Officer Jost.

Or Bandit Sophie.  I asked her to look sneaky.  Isn's she cute?

And how could we celebrate without giving our cops some donuts?  We hung the donuts from the trees and handcuffed their little hand behind their backs.  It was tricky but many of them stuck with it.  After that the kids decided that they wanted to skip the games on the agenda and play "cops and robbers" which consisted of the cops chasing the robbers and throwing them in jail.  This was followed by pizza, singing the birthday song, and opening presents just before the parents arrived to pick up our guests.  The two hours flew by.

Oh Campbell.

I couldn't have done it without the help of my friend Sara.  Mike had to pick up the pizza and Sara was kind enough to submit herself to all the craziness and offer a helping hand.  Minus the lack of pictures and my frazzled mind I think it went pretty well.