Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Logan ended up being a monkey for Halloween this year. He changed his mind many times but in the end (after a lot of convincing) came around to what he originally picked out. He sure makes a great monkey!

Here we are at the ward trunk-or-treat. We had a great time! Campbell is the cutest chicken I have ever seen. I wish that I would have gotten a better picture of him in his costume.

On Halloween we went to a party at the home our good friends the Dunnings. We had a great time eating spooky food, hanging out with friends, and trick or treating. I was dressed as a construction worker but my hair is no longer back, I am not wearing my safety glasses, and you can't see my awesome tool belt here. Mike was dressed up for about five minutes as a fisherman so it wasn't documented on film. The Dunning family dressed up as the swine flu, it was awesome!

My cute boys before trick or treating.

The result.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Two Years Old!

I can't believe that Logan is two. He has become such a big boy! He is a little chatter box and likes to try and make people laugh, he is our little comedian. He is the most stubborn child I have ever met and he has more energy than a Tazmanian Devil which equals loads of entertainment and an exhausted mommy. His favorite things are cars, bikes, cooking in his kitchen, chips, juice, books, being outside, watching Disney Pixar Movies, and playing with friends. He hates milk, naps, and getting sand on his feet. I always ask the nursery teachers how Logan behaved and my favorite response was, "He has more fun than anyone." Logan really knows how to suck the marrow out of life and I love that I get to be a part of it.

On his birthday we had a little family party and last Saturday we celebrated with friends. Here are pictures documenting the whole thing:

Logan got some awesome presents. Thank you Grandma Elsie and Grandpa Paul for the tricycle. Logan rides it everyday. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said he wanted a bike. He talked and talked about getting a bike for weeks. When he woke up and I told him it was his birthday he immediately asked where his bike was. He is such a nut. Thank you Nana and Papa for the presents too.

We got Logan this slide for his birthday and it has been a hit! I love it, it can fold up and we can play with it inside or outside and I even like the colors. The flags above his head were strung up all over. I made them the night before. I wanted it to be exciting and special for him when he got up that morning. I was going to just have balloons all over the place but I could only find a few laying around the house and it was too late to go out and buy more. So I cut these out using scrap book paper (thanks Candice) and sewed them together (thanks for the idea Steph). I was pleased with the way they turned out.

Cute birthday decorations can be hard to find so I displayed some pictures of the birthday boy and added balloons and a party hat.

Logan's birthday theme was monsters so at his party all the kids made a monster puppet to take home. It was super easy. I made my own pattern and sewed the base out of two peices of felt. Then I cut out all kinds of noses, mouth, etc. The kids chose what they wanted and then their parents helped glue them on. I think everyone had a lot of fun.

Here is Lindsay helping her girls Ava and Sydnee make their puppets.

Here is Parker with his puppet. Isn't it cute? He did a great job.
The kids also helped to "pin" the face on the monster. We are missing Avy and Brody here.
Parker and Logan are being scary monsters.

Here are the fabulous puppets. I love them, I think the kids did such a good job!

This is a picture of Logan being sung to. His favorite part is to blow out the candles. We let him do it several times at his "family party".

I read Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems. I was pleasantly suprised at how attentive the kids were.

We had lots of yummy food and a hideous monster cake but at least it tasted good. I had made the cake late the night before and decided to decorate it in the morning before the party but I ran out of time, oops. So I just had to throw a face on, oh well.

A picture of the crowd.Here is Emily with her daughter Sydney and our buddy Brody (Cass why didn't I get you in there too?).

Here is Jackie and Avy.

Just ask Briley, the food really was good (if I do say so myself).

Here are the boys after the party. I had such a good time and I think everyone else did too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!

My two little boys are getting so big! To document their growth I have been taking their pictures with the same stuffed animal in the same chair (another brilliant idea from my sister Stephanie).

Logan is two now! Look how he has grown.

This is Logan at four months.

This is Campbell at four months. He is a big boy! He already wears the same size diapers as Logan. They are complete opposites in almost every way but I think that they will always be best buds. They seem to adore each other. Campbell can't take his eyes off of his brother and Logan seems to be the only one that can get Campbell to laugh so hard. Logan is always willing to be my good helper and will dash off to get me another diaper or burp cloth whenever I have my hands full. I love these sweet little boys!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Firsts

I had my birthday this month and Mike gave me an awesome camera so I had to post more pictures, naturally. So here is a bizillion more pictures of the two cutest boys I know (don't be offended, I know I am biased).

This is Logan's first time sleeping in his "big boy bed". We have had a toddler bed set up in his room for quite awhile now and one day Logan decided it was time. If we put him in his crib he would simply climb out plus Campbell will need his crib soon so it was perfect timing. It is just a little toddler bed with a crib mattress in it which many people see as a waste but I like that it doesn't take up much space and it is low to the ground. The best part is, Logan is a big fan of it so we are all happy. He is so funny; he has to have his two favorite blankets, his stuffed "bob", and mini pillows to go to sleep. I wonder what we are going to do when we leave for Utah soon because there is no way that we are bringing all that stuff.

Here is cute Campbell. He is such an easy going baby. He is so easy to make smile and he even laughs now. Logan is the best at getting him to laugh. Campbell never takes his eyes off of Logan when he is around. Part of it may be that he has to brace himself from Logan's crazy whirlwind.

This is after church one Sunday but Logna wasn't cooperating. I was blocking his cartoons and bugging him while he was snacking.

He loves Baby Campbell. Campbell is constantly being poked and pinched by Logan in a loving manner.

Just because you needed to see more of Campbell's cuteness.

Campbell is now two months old and at his check up weighed 14.7lbs (97th percentile) and was 24 3/4inches (95th percentile). He is growing like a weed!

He is such a happy boy!

Leave it to me to stick him in a bucket to take pictures but isn't he so cute?

Another shot of Logan working in the kitchen.

My funny boys.

This is Logan's first art easel. We bought this whiteboard/chalkboard stand at ikea and we have had lots of fun with it.

Logan likes to give "loves" to his brother which mainly involves the squishing of this patient little baby.

One of Logan's first loves is reading books. He has a very special relationship with Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Many Firsts

First of all I have to explain the cause of our long absence, a few weeks ago our computer stopped working and we have been waiting to get a new computer until now because we wanted to be sure that we could get hooked up with the new windows that is coming out this fall. It still isn't up and running but I couldn't hold off posting these cute pictures of Logan and Campbell any longer (Mike brought home his work computer and is letting me borrow it).

A lot of new things have been happening around here and I thought that I should fill you in. . .

This is Campbell's first bath. He kept is umbilical cord for atleast a month, no joke. Needless to say, I was too excited to be able to submerge the little man in water.

Logan has become a t-ball pro and will be the first pro t-ball player in history.

Having a baby brother around means that Logan has more "free time" to get into trouble. He loves to climb onto the bathroom counter and pull everything out of the drawers and play with water in the sink.

I just liked this picture.

Campbell is so big! This is his first time wearing these old pjs of Logan's and they are already snug. Some of the clothes he is wearing are already 6-9 months (he is two months old).

This is Campbell's first trip to the zoo. I think he was a big fan.

This was his first time seeing a Lion; I think he was a little worried. Lions are scary.

After Campbell's first trip to the pool the boys were all tuckered out.

This is Logan's first kitchen. It's a Melissa and Doug kitchen and we love it. Logan spends a lot of time cooking us all kinds of pretend deliciousness.

This is Campbell with Grandpa Paul at the pool for the first time.

This is the first time Logan has watched baseball on TV. Have I mentioned that he is obsessed with baseball? He was commentating the whole time, it was hilarious! On the commercial breaks he would ask for more baseball. He carries his bat or a baseball almost everywhere he goes.

More baseball.

This is probably the first time that many of you have seen Logan with straight hair (well, that is as straight as it gets). Logan loves to play in the water. This was our first time to the Waco water park this summer.