Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Am So Behind!

We have been busy having fun with family and friends this month. Between a trip to Utah, a visit from the Fords, a visit from the Spencers (and Steve) and a quick trip to Columbuis Ohio, there just hasn't been much time for posting. The worst part is I haven't taken many pictures. I just never remember or the battery is dead. I definately need to work on that.

We had a blast when Mike's sister Mandy, her husband Brady, their two kids, and Mike's brother Steve drove down from Illinois. We bought a shot gun at a pawn shop and some clay pigeons from Walmart so that we could go shooting. We just drove down the street to our landlord's father's property. I guess that is one of the perks of living in Tennessee, you can just go shooting "out back". It was a lot of fun. Afterwards the boys went to the University of Tennessee football game while Mandy and I did a little shopping. We also played games, ate junk food, and watched Elf. I love that movie. We had a great time playing with Alec and Ella. They are both getting so big. We just wish that the weekend could have lasted longer. Thanks for making long drive down here. We loved having you guys.

A few days later we drove up to Columbus, Ohio to join my Sister Stephanie, her husband Larry, and baby Creed for Thanksgiving. On the way up we stopped in Louisville, Kentucky to visit our brother-in-law Mark. It was pretty late when we got there and Mark let us stay the night at his apartment. He has a great place right now on the eighteenth floor of an apartment building that is downtown. Needless to say it has a great view of the city. Mark is Bob Cratchet (spelling?) in A Christmas Carol right now. Before he had to dash off to rehearsals in the morning he showed us where to buy delicious pies. The caramel apple pie was amazing Mark. Then we headed up to Columbus and the holiday traffic turned a 3 1/2 hour drive into a 7 hour drive. It was delightful let me tell you. Luckily, Logan was really good for most of the drive. The next day was Thanksgiving and we were fed a yummy dinner. Stephanie already posted the details on her blog so I invite you to go there if you haven't already.

I love the Holiday season. I love how Christmas has it's own movies, music, decorations, and food that one never gets sick of.
Don't forget to watch all of the classics:
White Christmas
A Christmas Story
It's a Wonderful Life
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
The Santa Claus
There are so many more. What are some of your favorites?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Lost Sea Adventure

My sister Stephanie, her husband Larry, and their baby Creed came to visit this weekend. We had a blast going on the lost sea tour. This is the tunnel that descends down into the cave. They said that it was painted yellow to help your eyes adjust to the light when you come back out.

This is a picture of our tour guide's finger and us in the cave. None of my other pictures really turned out because caves are dark.

Here we are in the gift shop afterwards. Don't you think we need these helmets?

We are being serious but I couldn't hold the serious face for long.

We're Back.

Logan was a little reluctant to leave Utah...

He was sad to leave family and friends...
But he is glad to be home again. He missed his dad.
And he was excited to meet the Fords.
Stephanie, Larry, and Creed came to visit from Ohio the day after we got back. On Saturday we went to see the Lost Sea. On The Lost Sea adventure you get to go on a tour of the caves and go on a little boat ride on the underground lake. It was pretty neat.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pictures of Utah

This is Halloween. Logan was an astronaut.

Logan has gotten the chance to meet lots of family and friends while we are here in Utah. This is his cousin Cole.
This is Logan with his cousin Ava. She is six days older than Logan.

This is Logan after his baby blessing at the church.

Here he is dressed in white for his special blessing.

Here is Logan all bundled up.

We miss you daddy. I hope the rest of you don't get sick of all the Logan pictures. He runs the show now so all of our pictures of him. Isn't he cute?