Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Campbell's Pokemon Party

Back in April Campbell turned 4!  He is the most entertaining kid and our family wouldn't be the same without him.  He is a grumpy loveable old man stuck in a little boy's body.  He is constantly surprising us and says the funniest things.  He loves reading us books, playing board games, and the wii or any electronic device he can get his hands on.  He and Logan are inseparable but he still takes pride in his role as big brother to little Elsie.  He likes to do things all by himself and constantly scolds coaches and teachers that he doesn't need help.  At the end of his gymnastics class they give the kids a stamp, a color page, and end with a cheer but Campbell doesn't have time for such frivolous tomfoolery and politely declines participation.  I seriously wish I could describe the intensity and depth of Sweet Campbell! 

To my horror he requested a Pokémon Party.  I tried to convince him otherwise but those of you who know Campbell know he is not easily persuaded.  I searched all over town for Pokémon anything but had zero luck so I had to get a little creative. 

We made a special trip to Utah for his party so we could celebrate with family (Campbell's idea).  We started off with some Pokémon Trainer training.  The kids chased Pikachu (Dad/Mike) around with silly string because everyone knows that a trainer has to practice being fast in order to catch those Pokémon.  Unfortunately I didn't get the best pictures of the chase.  It is so hard to get pictures of a the party one is hosting.  Anyone else have this problem?

Next we had a Pokémon scavenger hunt.  The kids followed clues around my parent's house and yard to collect all the Pokémon cards earning Pikachu ears along the way.  Thanks Mom for helping me make these beauties!  We bought headbands from the dollarstore, cut and then colored craft foam with a marker for the black tips, and glued them together.  

Campbell, Logan, Cousin Creed, and Cousin Ava

Pikachu was waiting at the last clue.  Campbell still carries him around almost everywhere he goes. 

Next on the agenda was "pin-the-nose-on-Pikachu". 

We can't seem to throw a party without a piñata.  My favorite part was when Campbell knocked the piñata off the rope on his second turn and continued  hitting it until he felt it was good and dead.  We are talking a good full two minutes of excessive and intense beating of this piñata.  I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt; we all were. 

The baker at Harmon's was a big Pokémon fan as a child so he was able to create this cake on special order.  Best store bought cake ever!


Can someone please tell me why this photo won't rotate?  Turn your head at a clockwise tilt. 

It was so much fun to be surrounded by family!  Thank you for coming Grandma Elsie, Grandpa Paul, Nana, Papa, Asays, Fords,  and Steve Garner Family.  And a Huge thank you to my Mom for helping me put the party together and for letting me borrow her lovely house!

Boom. There it is.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mesa Verde

Tatiana, this one's for you!  We miss you! 

For Spring Break last week my sister Candice and her family drove up from San Antonio and a few days later my parents came down from Utah.  We had so much fun hanging out, sledding, geocaching, visiting Durango, and checking out the Aztec ruins.  A highlight of the break was definately the day we visited the Mesa Verde National Park.  The ruins there are intriguing and mysterious.  The lovely weather added to the perfect day.

Campbell with Nana (my Mom).

Campbell is still our serious soul. I constatnly have to remind myself that he is only three!

The whole crew (minus me).  From left to right: Papa, Candice, Nana, Logan, Grant, Mark, Sebatian, Cole, Campbell, and Mike.

I think they really did enjoy themselves though the sour faces don't prove it.

The kids earned their ranger badges.  It's very serious business. 

There were ruins throughout the cliffs leaving us in awe.  The views were breathtaking and the history alluring.  New Mexico is full of these historical sites and we plan on checking out as many as we can in the short time that we'll be living here. 

Elsie's First Birthday

I know this post is a little late but I just had to share a piece of this little gal's big day.  She adds so much to our family.  She is still daddy's little clone.  Her favortie food is Marshmellows (do they count?) and she LOVES to read books with anyone willing!  She loves bathtime and being outside.  She is so sweet yet super tough and stubborn.  She has a super loud voice (a true Garner).  Elsie is super interested in animals and their sounds. Her favorite sounds to make are elphant, snake, bee, and owl (random!).  She never stops surprising us.  We just love her to pieces!