Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Wedding

Recently we flew out to Utah for Mike's brother Steve's wedding. It was fun to get together with family and friends for the special occasion.

This is Mike's Grandma Garner, her maiden name is Campbell. She was so exicted when we told her that we decided to name one of her great-grandsons after her.
We were glad for the opportunity for our boys to see relatives that are normally so far away.

Mike was a groomsman. Aren't they handsome?
Side note: The other day I asked, "Are you cute Logan?" To my surprise Logan replied "nope" to which I inquired further and what he told me was, "Mom, I'm not cute I'm handsome."

Meet Alec, Logan's cousin, the look on his face says it all, he is hilarious. He was the ring bearer at the wedding. Logan loved following him around.

Steve, the groom, is the one on the left. It was killing Logan that we had to sit just a few rows away from his dad while he stood in front for the ceremony.

My sister-in-law Jamie made the beautiful cake. Doesn't the white chocolate look like flowers? Amazing!

Here are the bride and groom, Emma and Steve. Congratulations!

Here are Elsie and Paul, Mike's parents.

Emma's dad built this beautiful structure for the cultural hall. I loved it.

Here we are.

This is Uncle Rich and Jacob, Mike's Uncle and cousin. Doesn't Mike look like Rich? No?

I think Logan really enjoyed the reception and having his cousins around. What do you think?

In fact, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I am not sure what to say about this one, I just like it.

This is Mike's other grandma, Mona (Elsie's mother).

I have no idea what happened to the big family photo. I think my camera battery died. And don't ask me where all the pictures of Mike's siblings and their families went. Mandy, Jamie, Lisa, I am counting on you to share your pictures.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

St. Patrick's Day
(a late report)

On St. Patrick's Day we went to the library storytime and the kids made these funny headbands (it is supposed to be a leprechaun's beard if you can't tell).

These are our new friends from our ward here. Thanks for the picture Alissa.

When Logan woke up from his nap we found these footprints that the Leprechaun left behind. I guess he just wanted to leave us a clue so that we could find the hidden treasure.

Hidden inside the buffet was a little treat and a tiny note from our misterious little friend.

How did he know that Logan had been eyeing that little bubblegum machine at the store that very morning? Logan's favorite color is blue. He loves, loves, loves blue. I asked him what other colors he likes and after some pondering he said, "light blue and dark blue".


Okay here is a little more of what we have been up to:

A bunch of guys from Mike's work put together a softball team and we have enjoyed going and watching daddy play.

Logan loves going to the games and cannot be convinced to leave his own glove, ball, and bat at home.

Mike ended up playing catcher when the old one broke a few fingers at work. I think he did a really good job.

Grandpa (obviously Mike's dad, don't they look alike?) would come and watch too. Even Campbell seemed to enjoy watching the games.

Here is the team. Mike started the season late so he didn't get a red shirt (I am afraid he sticks out like a sore thumb). I am glad that he is playing softball even if it takes up a little of our precious time because Mike needs something fun in his life. He works a lot and when he is home I can be demanding. He is such a good dad and husband. We are so lucky.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We have been very busy this last month so I thought I would start at the beginining with pictures of what we have been up to.

Somehow my pictures are never downloaded in order. This first pictures was supposed to be last and it was just thrown in for good measure, I had to include little Campbell.

Mike got this giant rocket for his birthday and we had a fun afternoon flying it in our back yard.

Logan was a little nervous for the takeoff and he hid behind my legs.

It really was a big rocket.

Logan had a blast watching the rocket and "helping" daddy.

The end.