Friday, September 28, 2007

I Heart . . .

1. Logan! He is five weeks old today. Can you believe it? I have been sick which is pretty stressful when you are trying to take care of a newborn but it is all worth it for this little guy. He is so cute and so much fun.

2. FAll. I love everything about it: the decorations, the holidays (halloween, who doesn't love candy and costumes?), the crisp air, the changing leaves, fall wardrobe (layering,sweaters, and pretty colors), and season premieres on television. I have to admit that I love tv.
Here is a picture of some fall decorations that I bought when my mom was here visiting.

3. Costco. Don't laugh. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I miss costco so much. It has the best food and even cute clothes sometimes. You can find anything there and it is quality stuff, seriously.

4. Blogs. I love checking out what everyone is up to and being able to see their pictures. It helps me stay connected to people even though I feel so far away.

5. Mail. Isn't getting mail so much fun. It is starting to seem so old fashioned but it is way more fun than getting an email don't you think?

Well, I just thought that I would start posting about things that I "heart" every once in awhile. It always lifts my spirits to think about things that I love.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Tennessee Valley Fair

Mike had to work all day Saturday. By the time he got home I was dying to get out of the house so we headed over to Knoxville for the valley fair. I think everyone in Tennessee was there, sheesh. We showed Logan the goats, cows, and tractors, and then we ate lots of fair food. Don't you just love funnel cakes and cotton candy? After Mike won Logan a stuffed tiger by throwing darts we had done just about all we could do with a baby. Sadly we couldn't go on any of the rides or see any bands play with the little guy. We watched the fireworks from the car and then headed home. It was exhausting but really nice to get out. Here are some pictures we took that night.

This last one was taken after we got home. Logan is growing lots. He weighed in at 8 whole lbs. on Monday.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Its a Music Miracle!

Weeks of sleepless nights have ended! We haven't been able to get Logan to sleep in his own bed for more than a couple of minutes. We tried everything we could think of but nothing seemed to work until last night. Mike turned on some music and discovered that it calmed Logan down when he was crying. He decided to play music in his bed at night to see if it made any difference. I can't tell you the joy I feel in reporting that between nursing sessions he slept soundly in his own bed. Sometimes he would stir between songs but the music lulled him into deep sleep. The funny part is he seems to like 80's hits the best.

I never knew that a newborn could have so much personality. He smiles a lot. He loves to make noise. His groans and moans are his way of talking all the time. It cracks me up. He hates having his arms wrapped up in his blankets. One of his favorite activities is flapping his arms around. He makes very expressive faces. When dad kisses him he wrinkles his nose and squints his eyes (whiskers are scratchy). I swear I could go on forever. It is so much fun being a mom.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Does He Look Like Mom or Dad?

This is my newborn picture. I took a picture of the picture so it is blurry, sorry.

This is Mike's newborn picture. He got a little beat up on his way into the world, poor guy.

Here is Logan in his car seat.

Here is more Logan. . .

This is Logan's first walk around the neighborhood. It was alittle bright outside.

Grandma Elsie came to help out. We are so glad that she is here.