Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There Is No Such Thing. . .

as a dry bathroom at our house (Logan is a splasher),

as a safe place for dishes,

as an ordinary boy,

as combed hair,

as territory undiscovered (the blinds cord is one of his favorite discoveries),

as fear (Logan has been known to leap off of furniture, attack dogs, and maul children bigger than himself. Just today he slipped through my fingers and dove off the armrest of the couch hitting a bucket of blocks on his way down.),

as a disheartened boy,

as a cheesier grin,

as a cuter boy,

as a prouder mother,

Or as a dull day at our house. We love you Logan!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

What We've Been Up To. . .

Here is Mike and Logan in front of the aquarium at the Waco Zoo. I was actully impressed with this little zoo. There were lots of animals and things were kept nice and clean.

This tee-pee was in front of the Bison exhibit. Logan is such a good boy.

"Mom, boys aren't butterflies!" By the end of our zoo trip it was hot and Logan was hungry but I had to take a quick photo; it's what moms do.

My friend Cindy taught me how to make this strawberry freezer jam. It sure is tasty. Thanks Cindy, we had fun.

We found this cute little sports jacket on sale and we couldn't resist. It is still a little big for him but he looked so cute in it. Unfortunately he didn't want to cooperate for pictures after church.

Life right now mainly consists of me chasing Logan around as he explores. He has finally discovered that he can get in Bob's house not just bang on the outside of it.

Funny boy. He is one of the loudest kids I know. We were at a play group the other day and he was having a blast "happy screaming"/talking while he checked out the new toys. He was so loud that the moms had a hard time holding a conversation. It cracks me up. He acts shy when someone new says hello to him and he will hide his face in my shoulder but if you put him down to play somewhere he will just takeoff.

I made these hair clips (they are clipped to a card) for our neighbor Sydney's birthday. They were really easy and I had fun making them. My sister Stephanie showed me how. She is so creative. I am constantly learning something new from her.

Here is Logan with some fun things from his friend's birthday party. He likes Sydney (He is already going for the older girls. She was turning one). It was so cute the other day when Logan and Sydney were holding hands. I wish I had a camera with me at the time.

Here is another picture of Logan exploring.

We made it to the park last weekend. Logan loves the swings.

Here he is with dad on the big slide.

These are the new friends we made. They kept begging Mike to push the merry-go-round more. They were funny little girls.

Here is Logan enjoying being spun by our new pals.

After the park we headed over to Rudy's for our favorite Texas BBQ. It is a fun atmosphere and the brisket is so so so good. We will take anyone who comes to visit us.

That's all for now.