Friday, March 28, 2008

Top 10 Things I'd Like to Do Before I Die:

Thanks Laurel for the tag. It has been fun thinking about what I want to accomplish...I better get working on it. Here it is in random order:

1. Watch my children grow in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (gain their own testimonies, receive the priesthood, serve missions, marry in the temple, and make good choices; you know all that good stuff)

2. See a Broadway show

3. Serve a mission with Mike

4. Skydive

5. Tour the world. There are so many places that I would love to see but most of all I want to tour Europe.

6. Learn to play the guitar and the piano

7. Learn to oil paint and to sew well

8. Own our very own home

9. Go shopping in New York (and while I am there I have to eat a real live New York hot dog right? and then visit the Empire state building and the museum of art and see central park and...)

10. Get a master's degree

11. Be in the studio audience of a TV show/talk show. Who wants to go on the Price Is Right with me? Or the David Letterman show? Oprah, Ellen, Martha Stewart? There is an endless list of shows that would be fun.

Did I say top ten? I could go on, there are a million random and silly things that I am going to do before I die. Okay so traditions says that I must choose the next victims so Mom, Lisa Asay, and Kelli-kins I want to hear from you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Corpus Christi

We had to take advantage of Mike having Friday off so we drove to Corpus Christi for Easter weekend. It is about a five hour drive and Logan was a trooper. Friday wasn't too eventful. We checked into our hotel and drove around to see what Corpus Christi was like. We tried to go swimming at the hotel but the water was really cold and the pool was full of noisy kids. Logan wasn't a big fan of all the yelling so we took him swimming in the tub instead.

Saturday was a beautiful day and we definitely took advantage. First we headed to the USS Lexington, a really cool air craft carrier.

Here is Logan chewing on the sun glasses that he got for an early easter present.

Here we are after our tour of the ship.

These quad 40 mm guns were awesome. They let you crank them into position using the wheel my hands are on.

This is the jet that John McCain flew when he was caught and taken hostage years ago.

Here are the boys having fun. Logan really seemed to have a good time.

After a late lunch we headed to the beach. This is Logan's first time touching the sand and he wasn't very happy. I wonder if his reaction would have been different after a nap. We were having so much fun that day that Logan missed his regular naps.

Here are some more pictures of the grumpy little guy.

Not even dad could cheer the tired boy up.

He finally gave in and went to sleep.

That night we went to a great restraunt in the marina. You have to eat seafood when you can get it fresh, yum. The next morning we slept in as long as Logan would allow and then we went to a nearby ward. Logan talked all through sacrament meeting so I didn't get to hear all of the talks but he parts I did hear were very uplifting and appropriate for the special Easter day. What an amazing holiday that receives so little attention from the world. It really is sad. I am so grateful to know of the resurrection of our Lord.

After eating lunch we drove back to our new home here in Waco. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of Logan in his cute easter outfit before he had a lovely blowout. I know I didn't need to include that lovely detail but you know that you have all been there.

Laurel I haven't forgotten that I was tagged...I will get to it I promise I just have to ponder it longer.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Boys

I love these boys so much.

Logan may have my coloring but I think he looks like his dad. They are so sweet when they are sleeping.

This last weekend Mike took me to Ikea. We have one that is only an hour away (in Roundrock/Austen). Mike hates to shop but he was such a good sport, infact he is the one that suggested we go because he knew I would love it. After Ikea we went shopping at the outlets nearby and then we went to babiesRus to get this high chair. I have been searching for the perfect one because I figure we will have it for years. Why don't they make more high chairs that have a plain pattern?

Logan looks so big in his chair. It has been fun trying to give Logan new kinds of baby food. He gobbles it up as fast as I can feed him.

If you click on this picture to make it bigger you will see Logan's two new teeth. He sure is a biter. I hope it won't last forever.

This is Logan's new favorite thing to do. He gets the bucket of toys and takes out every single one. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time picking up toys but he sure is cute and happy.

This is dinner last night. Mike is really good at making pizza. He learned the recipe from a mission companion and it is really yummy. We made pizza at Mike's apartment on our very first date using this same recipe. I don't think we had made pizza since so it brought back fun memories. I love you Mike!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Few More Things That I Love . . .

I love Simply Orange juice. If you haven't ever tried it you should. It is the best orange juice that you will ever buy at the grocery store. They also make lemonade, apple juice, limeade, and maybe grapefruit juice. I know my sister Stephanie is a huge fan of the apple and lime juices. They are pricier but indulge this once and treat yourself to an amazing glass of juice.

I have to admit I am a Project Runway fan. This season ended last night and I'm not gonna lie, I am sad about it. I find this show on the bravo channel very entertaining. For those of you who watch, don't you think that all three of the runway finalists did a great job? Christian is a brat but he made this season hilarious.

I love easter candy (who doesn't right?). I get so excited when they bring out the easter candy and decorations this time of year. I am going to go with the classic jelly bean as my favorite but it has to be Brach's brand. I am also in love the reese's pieces eggs (also shown in this picture).

I love watching Mike with Logan. He is such a good dad. I know that he is going to teach him to be a great, hard working, and honest man just like he is. And luckily he has his mother to teach him what to wear. I am going to have to tease Mike about what he's wearing. In his defense it was Sunday night and we all know Sunday night is for relaxing and getting out of those uncomfortable church clothes. Mike actually made that shirt in high school. I won't say this again because Mike seems to keep it a secret but, he is an amazing sewer.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Longest Post Ever

We have been so busy we haven't had a moment to stop and post. Here is what we have been up to:
We were able to fly to Utah one last time before our big move. While we were there we were able to see lots of friends. Here is my BFF Kelli with Logan at my other BFF Laurel's house. Laurel's daughter Isabel was turning one and we arrived just in time for her fun party. Sadly all of my pictures of Isabel turned out blurry.
While we were at the party Mike overheard someone talking about Joe Bradford, one of Mike's mission buddies. Mike had lost contact with him but was able to get his contact info so we got together with him, his family, and one of their Ukrainian friends . We had a blast eating Ukrainian food, hearing/talking about the Ukraine, and playing games.

It was a winter wonderland. The snow was beautiful and we had to take advantage. We convinced Mike's brother Steve to come sledding with us one afternoon.

Here we are at the top of the hill.

Logan was asleep in his car seat at the top of the hill for most of the time. When he woke up we took him down the hill a few times. He wasn't too impressed but we had fun.

Here is our little family all bundled up.

The best part about visiting Utah is getting to visit with our family. Here is Logan with his grandma after we went to Ikea. I love Ikea. I could spend hours in that store.

Here is Logan with his Aunt Ang. Ang is a busy teen getting ready for college but she managed to find the time to hangout with us a little. Steve, Ang, Mike, Logan, and I went to the dollar movies and saw Dan in Real Life. Logan was a tinybit fussy but we made it through without ruining the movie for the five other people in theater. I really liked the movie. If you haven't seen it you should.

This is Logan's first time meeting his great-grandmother Garner.

My cousin McKenzie Borup had her fairwell talk in church while we were in town. She has been called to New Jersey spanish speaking. Good Luck Hermana Borup! This is Logan with his great grandma Borup.

This is my mama on her birthday. We got pedicures together and went out to dinner at Los Hermanos, yum.

The trip to Utah went by quickly and the moment we got home we had to finish up packing. Unfortunately I got really sick but the "show" had to go on. We got home late sunday night, packed Monday, loaded the truck on Tuesday, and took off that night. We stopped an hour and a half outside of Nashville and stayed the night in a hotel. It was such a relief to have all the packing behind us. Wednesday morning we got in the truck all ready to take off and the brake light was on with a constant alarm beeping. We had to call Uhaul and wait while they sent someone from Nashville to fix it. When the repairman arrived he cut the wire for the alarm and went on his way. Hours of waiting and that's all it took, nice. Logan was pretty well-behaved but all the traveling was rough on the poor guy. We are just now starting to get back into a routine. Finally Thursday we arrived at our destination: Waco, Texas.

For over a week we lived in this lovely hotel room while we looked for a place to live. Mike started work on Monday so I spent five days sitting in this room with no car and nothing to do while he was gone.
Here we are. Oh and note that Valentine's day took place during all of this and was sadly skipped this year. Boohoo!

Logan and Bob are good buddies and often keep eachother entertained.

Finally we found somewhere to live. The Bishop of our ward owns several duplexes and we were lucky enough to get in the opening. There are two wards that meet in Waco and we ended up in the ward with several young couples and lots of babies. There is a play group that meets every week and there are lots of other activities throughout the month so we will be able to make lots of new friends, hooray! Now back to the has three bedrooms, lots of storage, and it is right by the park. The ward arranged for a members to come and help us move in and several people showed up. Itwas so nice to have all of the help. The bad news is the carpets had been cleaned an hour before we got there. The carpets were soaking wet and we had to put plastic bags under the boxes so that all of our stuff wouldn't get ruined. I think the carpets ended up dirtier in the end with everyone walking on them, oh well, what can you do? It has taken forever to unpack, we still aren't done. It is hard doing it alone. Logan is a pretty alert child and all of this change has freaked him out. He has been really clingy lately. But after all is said and done I can say, I like it here so far. This picture is of Logan in the family room. It is also a picture of the new couch we bought in December but I never got around to posting a picture.

This is Logan playing. What a happy baby he is. You can't really see but his two bottom teeth just broke through, poor guy. Thank goodness for tylenol. He is waking up from his nap and I have a million things to do. Sorry for the crazy explantions...gotta go.