Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Houston, Texas

The time is drawing near. . .the baby is due in about four weeks so we thought we would take one last trip just the three of us. Mike was able to take Friday off so we packed up and left Thursday night.

You wanted a belly shot right? Jumping on the bed while 35 weeks pregnant is pretty tricky. I decided that we need to start a new family tradition; whenever we stay in a hotel we have to get fun pictures of everyone jumping on the bed (That is Garner travel tip #1).

It is actually pretty tricky to get "air" while looking out for the ceiling. My camera didn't do the greatest job but one day I hope to be the owner of a better one.

Logan had fun being thrown into the air and landing on a pile of pillows in the middle of the bed but it was really hard to catch. It came out a blur everytime. This is the best I could do.
Logan is jumping with daddy's help.

After having fun at the hotel we headed over to the NASA Space Museum. On the way there we got something to eat at a fun little burger joint that we had never heard of. We try to eat at new places whenever possible (Garner travel tip #2). What is the point of traveling all the way to Houston to eat at some chain restruant that we have at home?
At the space museum we went on the tram tour that brought us onto the grounds of NASA. Unfortunately it was pouring down rain and quite chilly. The tram drove on public streets and the rain blew into our faces. We were soaked and unprepared for it. If you visit the Houston Space Museum on a rainy day in spring bring your coats and ponchos (Garner travel tip #3).
Here is Logan and me in front of the space rocket. It was huge!

There were five of these engine blasters (like my technical terms?). They were enormous, as you can see.

Here is Logan just enjoying himself.

Of course we had to buy Logan a suvenier to always remember his journey into the space world. He loves this space shuttle that we bought for him. He make the cutest sound effects when he flies it.

Just another space moment and another belly shot.

The pictures somehow got mixed up again when I down loaded them. This picture is of Logan the day after we got home. It must have rained a lot here at home too because our sandbox was full of water and Logan plays in it every moment you let him.

The Houston Children's museum was awesome. There was so much to do. Logan's favorite part was playing in the water. If you go to Houston my advice would be to go to the museum during the week. We went on a weekend and there were way too many people.

There was a section just for toddlers that was really fun. There were all sorts of things just for the little ones. Here are the boys playing there.

We also went to the Houston Aquarium. It was actually really small. There wasn't a whole lot of bang for your buck to be honest. We bought city passes that included tickets to get into several places which I highly recommend. It saved us lots of money. Sadly it ended up raining the entire weekend so we didn't get to use all of our passes like the ones to the zoo. If you are going on a road trip bring umbrellas (Garner travel tip #4)!!!

This is the museum of natural history. We are in front of a triceratop skull. It was also packed but fun.

There is so much to do in Houston. There was a rodeo, a rockets game, and if you go during the right time of year you can see an astros game. Plus, the beach isn't far either. If we would have had more time we would have done it all.
It was a fun trip. Now we just have to get Logan back onto a normal sleep schedule again.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Isn't It About Time?

Don't you think it is time for more pictures of Logan? I thought I would post some pictures of the many things we do to pass the time.

Here we are at the museum. We go often with friends. They have lots for little kids to do and Logan loves it there. This picture is somewhat dated, my belly has like tripled in size. I am still working on getting a current picture of my ginormous tummy. I keep forgetting to ask Mike to take a picture by the time he finally gets home from work.

Logan is quite the artist. He enjoys painting and coloring which has become a part of our daily routine.

After Christmas we struggled for excitment so we set up our tent for some weekend fun. We watched movies and ate snacks in our cozy blanket filled fort.

More fun at the museum. Logan loves drums.

We go for lots of walks around the neighborhood.

Logan really looks forward to Mike coming home everyday. He loves to play with his dad before bed time.

Lately he begs his dad to go outside and fly his toy airplane. It really isn't that cold here but I made him bundle up because Logan has been sick and daddy was being supportive. Those darn earaches have kept us in doors and we pass the time away watching Toy Story. Logan can't get enough of that movie and I am so sick of it!

We spend lots of time reading his favorite books...over and over and over. I can't convince him to read any new books. What are some of your kids' favorites? Logan loves David Shannon books and the dinosaur books by Jane Yolen.

We got this tent at Ikea and it has been a great purchase. Logan also loves his lion from Grandma Elsie and Grandpa Paul.

Another airplane picture. I am not sure how the pictures got so mixed up.

That's about it. Baby number two will be here in less than two months can you believe it? Ahh, there is so much to do!