Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas 2010
Part one

For Christmas we packed up and drove to Utah for the Borup Family Festivities.  It was worth the bajiliion of hours spent in the car.  We built gingerbread houses, went sledding, played games, visited build a bear with nana, shopped, and of course got sick.  Yep, it is a Garner family Christmas tradition, we get sick without fail every year.  

Every year we try to make it to Temple Square for the amazing lights and Nativity presentation.  It is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.   The spirit is always so strong and it gives everyone the opportunity to really think about the birth of our Savior and King.

The Salt Lake Temple takes my breath away everytime I see it. 

Campbell wasn't thrilled about being pushed around in a stroller or wearing his winter gear. 

Here are the Stringhams (my oldest sister Candice and fam). 

We were married/sealed here just five years earlier (Dec. 27). Happy Anniversary Mike! 

Logan had way too much fun playing with his cousin Creed. 

Larry (my brother-in-law) was kind enough to push these fellas around all night. 

Here is my big Sis Stephanie.


My Dad a.k.a Papa.

This is my Mom a.k.a. Nana.

Logan loves his cousins.  I can't believe how old Grant and Cole are getting! Note the white mouse in Logan's hand.  His name is Squeaky and he is missing.  Somehow he snuck away so if you see him please let us know and sneak him a little cheese.  For some reason Logan is obsessed with this stuffed mouse from Ikea and the good news is they are like two bucks and they have a huge bin of them, the bad news, the nearest Ikea is like six hours away.  We have been through approximately 10 of these already. 

The lights were beautiful and the company was amazing but we missed you Brenna and Eli. 
Afterwards we went to Hatch Family Chocolates for hot chocolate that was to die for.  Have you ever seen the show about the Hatch family on TLC? Anyway the caramel chocolate apples were awesome and the hot chocolate was like liquid candy bars, I strongly recommend it.  It was a great night!

Sorry about the Stroller Stephanie!  I love you!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Canadian Snowman

Campbell really hates the cold and everything that has anything to do with it: coats, hats, boots, mittens, you get the idea. So, while he was taking a nap we thought we would get out and make ourselves a snowpal.  It is so cold the snow won't pack so we made more of a snowpile than a traditional snowman.  Then we dressed him up with milk caps for the eyes, a carrot nose, straw for a mouth and the top of our bird house for a hat. Logan's favorite part was using the water bottle to make rosy cheeks. 

Excuse the hat hair.

It is amazing how much fun food coloring in a water bottle can be in the snow!

Unfortunately our snowman, I mean pile, lived a short life and then he died.  It was a gory mess. 
But seriously this is Canada and he will be in our backyard until May atleast.