Sunday, June 01, 2008

Garner Update

Even though our daily life consists of following Logan around and subsequently picking up big messes we sure are having fun.

For memorial day weekend we drove down to San Marcos (a small town between Austin and San Antonio) and went to the outlets on our way to San Antonio. The outlets were awesome! They were the best I have ever been to and they have every store you can think of. I only wish that we had more time to spend there. We made some quick purchases, spent the night in a little motel, and drove to Sea World the next morning.
Here we are at the Shamu Show. It was Super HOT!!! Notice the lady in the top left hand corner of this picture, I think she hates Shamu. Logan wasn't a big fan either. He couldn't figure out why everyone was yelling and clapping and so most of the show we missed while comforting him. We had to give him lots of crackers and juice to distract him. I wish we had a picture of the kung fu grip he had around my neck.
Those lovely glasses that Mike has on are actually his safety glasses from work. He had to wear them because Logan broke his regular pair in half and the new pair he ordered wouldn't be ready for a week.

We didn't stay long at Sea World. The holiday crowds were insane. The line to get into the water park was over an hour and a half long, NUTS! It was just too hot for Logan and as you can see he was so so tired so we left.

We did a lot of driving and Logan was a trooper as usual.

After our short trip to Sea World we made our way to the Alamo. Mike had never been there before and I hadn't ever actually gone inside so it was fun to see. Plus Mike loves American History and everyone needs to visit the Alamo atleast once. The story of the Alamo is so sad but very inspiring.

Then we headed to the famous San Antonio river walk. It is another place that you have to see atleast once to truely experience Texas. We walked up and down it but Logan was soon ready to leave. It had been a long day for a little guy.

This is Mike and Logan at the end of our river walk travels.

When I was a missionary in San Antonio we weren't allowed to go to the river walk. The last day of the mission you get to walk down the stairs and take a quick glimpse of it. Being back in San Antonio brought back a lot of memories even though we weren't even there a whole day. I wish that we could have stayed longer. There are alot of people that I would have loved to visit and old areas I would like to see again. Maybe next time.

Below is a picture of Logan going swimming for the first time. He loved it! We took him to the Waco water park for FHE and had a blast.

On Friday night we usually go out to dinner as a family. It is something fun that I always look forward to (who knows how long it will last as Logan gets crazier everyday). This week when we got home we found Logan like this. He had gotten a package of saltine crackers open. There were crumbs everywhere and unfortunately the picture didn't capture the full effect. It was a funny moment; guess you had to be there.

Mike got his new glasses and here they are. It isn't the greatest picture for showcasing them but you get the idea. P.S. we love eachother.