Friday, July 25, 2008


These are a few of Logan's favorite things:

If you aren't familiar with the Baby Signing Time videos and you have a baby, you should check them out. Logan isn't a TV watcher, he can't sit still long enough but he loves watching these DVDs. Does anyone else have kids that like to watch the tv upclose? I often have to place an ottoman between him and the television.

One of Logan's favorite things to do is go through the diaper bag, pull everything out, find my wallet, and empty it. He loves doing it so I can't help but let him. One day I am going to be at the check out counter without a way to pay due to a missing credit card.

Logan loves to play with Bob. They do everything together.

This is Logan's favorite toy. He mostly likes to push it around the house and practice walking with support.

This is his favorite place to swim, the waco city pool. He loved his swim class there. The guy in the middle was his teacher and these are the new friends we made.

Logan loves to figure out how to open things/containers. This little Houdini likes to end his magic in a big mess.

This was Logan's favorite hat until it disappeared on one of our outings. A moment of silence for the forever lost yet well beloved hat....thank you.