Friday, April 20, 2012

Elsie, Elsie, Elsie

(part 2)

 She out-grew her little cradle far faster than I had imagined.


Two teeth

Elsie's first time on the swings.  Her brothers were very eager to participate in this experience.  They were very good helpers.  Though the picture doesn't capture it, she did enjoy the swings.

Here is a little glimpse of our house Steph.

Elsie's first accident.  I was fixing dinner and thought that I had placed the vase far far out of reach but this Houdini somehow managed to arch her back and yank those tulips across the counter.  I'm not sure if the crash of the vase scared her or my startled scream. 

Elsie's first trip to the zoo.

Elsie's first time eating baby food...not a fan.   

Elsie doesn't want to sit up and it's killing me!  She prefers to be held while I bustle around the house but when I can't hold her she is happy to just lay on her back and watch the constant action around her or play with her toys.  

These boys love their little sister so much.  At times it is somewhat overwhelming for little Elsie but her life wouldn't be the same without them.  They play with her and help fetch diapers and soothers and they love to hold her and make her laugh.  I am so lucky to be mother of these three crazies! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elsie, Elsie, Elsie
(part 1)

Elsie is already six months old!  It's hard to believe, the time has passed so quickly. 
She is currently 99th percentile for height and 85th percentile for weight.  She is the happiest baby and loves to talk and laugh.  People notice her eager smile wherever we go and she has convinced many that they are actually funny.

This picture doesn't fully capture how similar these two look but they're like twins, seriously.

The boys are so sweet with Elsie. 

Elsie has two teeth, sharp teeth!  They are almost fully grown now...more pictures to come.