Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Lost Sea Adventure

My sister Stephanie, her husband Larry, and their baby Creed came to visit this weekend. We had a blast going on the lost sea tour. This is the tunnel that descends down into the cave. They said that it was painted yellow to help your eyes adjust to the light when you come back out.

This is a picture of our tour guide's finger and us in the cave. None of my other pictures really turned out because caves are dark.

Here we are in the gift shop afterwards. Don't you think we need these helmets?

We are being serious but I couldn't hold the serious face for long.


Laurel said...

FUN! Btw, love that cute navy blue top you've got on there. You look hott (two t's)! Tell your sister "hi" for me, too. Love you!

Steph said...

Ok, the picture from the tourguide is too funny because after he took it he said, "Yeah, I think that picture actually turned out really good!" Hello?!?! There's a big finger in it!

Elizabeth Moon said...

Logan is such a cutie Marissa! It looks like you guys had fun. How are you doing? I miss you!

Frampton Family said...

Marissa!! I love that you have a blog. Logan is so darn cute. I really hope you're coming to the Christmas party because I want to see this little guy. I would love to chat with you too. I'm going to be in Utah from Nov. 21st through Jan 8th. So I hope you'll be there so we can do lunch. Love you!


Alicia said...

I love that you put a helmet on little Logan. Awesome!

brad and michelle said...

Ha! I love the helmet on Logan! You guys are so great. I'm sorry I missed you on your last trip here... but Laurel keeps me posted. Hope you're doing well!