Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fun in Harriman

Mike gets home from work early on Fridays, hooray! It was a beautiful evening and lets be honest there isn't too much going on in a small town so we played in our back yard. First we lined up small plastic cowboys and indians on our deck so we could shoot them down with our air guns. Our plastic guys started to get blown down by the breeze so we got Mike's kite out. Here he is (below) putting it together. The wind didn't last long so we headed into downtown Harriman to get somethng to eat. It was my first trip to the famous Cracker Barrel. The food was pretty good and our waitress was really nice. She thought it would be funny to get the whole restraunt to sing Happy Birthday to me. It was a funny surprise and the free dessert was welcome. That was our Friday night.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Have Turned Over a New Leaf

I am going to be a better blogger! My mother has requested that I post regularly on my blog now that I moved so far from home. I have no excuses now because I have no job, a lot of free time, and a great internet connection. Plus, I think that it will inspire me to keep busy because I have to find things to write about.


We moved to Tennessee can you believe it? We live in a tiny town called Harriman. It is only about thirty minutes from Knoxville so we have everything we need and love at our fingertips: hospitals, stores (*target*), restuarants, and movie theaters. We do have a Walmart, Lowe's, and Kroger grocery store in town, which is nice. Harriman is surrounded by big rivers that the locals call lakes. The three main rivers are Emory, Clinch, and Tennessee. Fishing is a big hobby here and the weather is perfect for it right now. The hills and trees are beautiful and it is so green here. I love it.

We got really lucky and found a great house. Looking for a place to live was not fun. Everything was trashy, or too small, in a creepy area, or we were too late and the place was already rented. The place we found is in a great area with a big yard and lots of space. It is on eight acres, four of which have been plowed for butter beans. The house is older but the inside has been completely redone. It is like new on the inside. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Here is the house from the front...

Here are two pictures taken from our back porch...