Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fun in Harriman

Mike gets home from work early on Fridays, hooray! It was a beautiful evening and lets be honest there isn't too much going on in a small town so we played in our back yard. First we lined up small plastic cowboys and indians on our deck so we could shoot them down with our air guns. Our plastic guys started to get blown down by the breeze so we got Mike's kite out. Here he is (below) putting it together. The wind didn't last long so we headed into downtown Harriman to get somethng to eat. It was my first trip to the famous Cracker Barrel. The food was pretty good and our waitress was really nice. She thought it would be funny to get the whole restraunt to sing Happy Birthday to me. It was a funny surprise and the free dessert was welcome. That was our Friday night.

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Kim said...

Yeah Marissa! We love having you back on the planet again. It looks like you are back to your fun loving self. Keep us posted about all you activities. Miss you and hope you will be coming up this weekend.