Thursday, April 10, 2008


I love being a mom and I really do like living in Waco so far but I have to admit, I am so bored. I have made a few friends that I can stop by and visit for a half hour or so every once in awhile but that is the full extent of my social life. I need something else to do. I need to find a new hobby I guess. Does anyone have some suggestions? You'd think coming from the family I do that I would have some amazing talent to keep me busy (sewing, scrapbooking, photography...) but I don't.
My recent plan to kill boredom was to find somewhere that I could volunteer for a few hours a week but I haven't found anything that I could bring Logan along to. Again, any suggestions?
I have been thinking a lot about how I spend my time and have come to the conclusion that there must be something more that I can do to contribute to the happiness and well being of others. I know that my family comes first but I have a little spare time between my duties as wife and mother.


Kelli Radmall said...

I love ya BFF and I am sorry that you are bored. Let's go to Target and then to Dennys. I wish. I get very bored too. Then I get mad at myself because if I actually wrote down all of the things I needed to do, it would be a pretty long list (that I would still probably ignore). If I think of any good ideas for you, I will let you know. How about opening an egg dying/pumpkin carving shop? Oh wait, those are my two favorite things. We have to open that shop together, right?

Anonymous said...

Hello Marissa,

I happened upon your blog via your sister's Stephanie's blog. I am a mother of 2 - in NJ - and when my first child was 6 months old I joined a local moms group in my area. This was the best thing for me, no more going crazy bored being a stay-at-home mom. I did a quick check and there is a local MOMS Club chapter in your area (if I read your blog correctly you are in Waco, TX). You can check them out here:

My local MOMS Club has lots of events planned during the day for kids and moms to do and we also do service projects throughout the year as well.


Elizabeth Moon said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day! I'm glad you haven't forgotten your Lizzy!
What about cooking? You could try new recipes...or maybe sewing, oh wait, you do that already, right? Hmmm...I tried to be a Big Sister volunteer but they wanted like 5 hours a week or something without Atticus--yeah right! like gardening("you like raisins") with your Martha Stewart rocks and everything...=)
Oh I've got it! You can just have another BABY! Then you'll never be bored!
Love you Riss...let's call each other sometime soon!

Cindy Hansen said...

Ok... I have two possibly three good ideas!

1- We can make Strawberry Freezer Jam (I have a good recipe).

2- Do you know how to sew (just a little) and embroider (just a little)? If so, I have a great project for us!

3- Lets take the boys and do a tour of the Mars Factory (I hear they give LOTS of samples, yumm) or the Dr. Pepper Factory!

Love the blog by the way!!

Ashby said...

What about digital scrapbooking? I just got into it and I LOVE it! Not to mention Ryan is a big fan because there's no mess!

Or what about starting a small business?

estinger said...

Leave it to Ashby to come up with some really good ideas! I'm still waiting for my digital scrapbooking lesson from her. Maybe we can figure out a way for her to give an online course (unless of course you're already good at it, in which case I expect lessons from both of you) :)

Kim said...

Call looks like she has some fun things to do. You are always game for a new adventure. Go for it. Miss you. Mom

Lauren, Joe, and Sido said...

Hey Marissa,
I just found your blog through Betsy's. You have the cutest family ever! I am living in London, so if you ever want to come and check out Europe you can come stay with us. - Lauren

Larry said...

Two words: Lawn bowling.

Anonymous said...

COME VISIT ME!!!!! We can go play! or we could take up lawn bowling per Larry's suggestion.

love your sister's sister in law!