Thursday, May 01, 2008

What We've Been Up To. . .

Here is Mike and Logan in front of the aquarium at the Waco Zoo. I was actully impressed with this little zoo. There were lots of animals and things were kept nice and clean.

This tee-pee was in front of the Bison exhibit. Logan is such a good boy.

"Mom, boys aren't butterflies!" By the end of our zoo trip it was hot and Logan was hungry but I had to take a quick photo; it's what moms do.

My friend Cindy taught me how to make this strawberry freezer jam. It sure is tasty. Thanks Cindy, we had fun.

We found this cute little sports jacket on sale and we couldn't resist. It is still a little big for him but he looked so cute in it. Unfortunately he didn't want to cooperate for pictures after church.

Life right now mainly consists of me chasing Logan around as he explores. He has finally discovered that he can get in Bob's house not just bang on the outside of it.

Funny boy. He is one of the loudest kids I know. We were at a play group the other day and he was having a blast "happy screaming"/talking while he checked out the new toys. He was so loud that the moms had a hard time holding a conversation. It cracks me up. He acts shy when someone new says hello to him and he will hide his face in my shoulder but if you put him down to play somewhere he will just takeoff.

I made these hair clips (they are clipped to a card) for our neighbor Sydney's birthday. They were really easy and I had fun making them. My sister Stephanie showed me how. She is so creative. I am constantly learning something new from her.

Here is Logan with some fun things from his friend's birthday party. He likes Sydney (He is already going for the older girls. She was turning one). It was so cute the other day when Logan and Sydney were holding hands. I wish I had a camera with me at the time.

Here is another picture of Logan exploring.

We made it to the park last weekend. Logan loves the swings.

Here he is with dad on the big slide.

These are the new friends we made. They kept begging Mike to push the merry-go-round more. They were funny little girls.

Here is Logan enjoying being spun by our new pals.

After the park we headed over to Rudy's for our favorite Texas BBQ. It is a fun atmosphere and the brisket is so so so good. We will take anyone who comes to visit us.

That's all for now.


Elizabeth Moon said...

This post is a Jackpot! So many unbearably cute pictures! I love the little flower clips, too. Very creative. I want to come eat brisket with you!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmm Bar-B-Que! Great pictures Marissa. It is so fun to see how you are doing. You all look great and Logan is growing so fast. Can't wait to see you all. We love you and miss you so much.


Krista Hansen said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like tons of fun.

Kelli Radmall said...

Ha-the monster outfit, did you do that for me? He is adord-able in the sport jacket. My little old man is actually growing up! Darling! You know I love me some barbeque-like the yummy place we went in Las Vegas-the accents and everything. Love you BFF.

betsy said...

I love all the pictures of the going-ons in Waco. Looks like you guys are having fun out there. As long as there is good bbq around, right? And I can't believe that little Eli is so grown up and so handsome! Way to go Elder Borup.

Laurel said...

I love that you have so many amazing pictures on this post! I check yours and Elizabeth's blogs every day (though it may take me more than a day to get around to commenting) in hopes of this plethora of pictures (not to be confused with a plethora of pinatas). I miss you, Mike, and Logan and am so glad you are finding fun things to do! Love you!

Dustin said...

listen people, we can't be keeping our kids in a cage :) i know that was mike's idea but the guy has got to take some parenting classes

Jake said...

HEY! :) Nice to hear from you. Looks like your having some fun in Waco with your little one there. Hey, have you checked out the 808update page yet? Its just a place im filling people in on whats going on with each other. It'd be cool to do an update with you. Email me at and i'll send you a Q&A. Thanks for the comment on my page and nice to be reconnected with old friends. Aloha

Kim said...

It's official. Eli's homecoming is June 29. See you then!!! There is room for every one. Love you and miss you. MOm

Leah said...

Love the sports jacket. He looks like such a little stud.

That strawberry jam looks so yummy! I can just taste it on toast! MMMM!

I love all the pics of Logan. He is such a cutie.

Cindy Hansen said...

What a handsome little man that Logan! He was talk of the church on Sunday!

Logan is such a good happy litle guy! I can't wait for Atticus to crawl around and explore with him!

Just keep thinking August!!! Oh the fun we will have!

The jam did turn out pretty good huh?! How domestic we are :)

Larry said...

I like turtles.

Kim said...

It was great talking to you and Logan today. Love you!!!

Alicia said...

Dang you have a cute kid!

Anonymous said...

so very cute. We miss you guys!


Mandy said... fourteen comments! You are so popular. I miss you and wish you were closer than a 24 hr drive. We'll see you in Idaho BABY!!