Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pictures Galore

I haven't been the best blogger lately (but I am sure you already knew that). I am going to try to be better. The following is a result of my poor blogging habits...a million pictures from the last month that I should have already posted.

On August 24th Logan turned one! It happened so fast. At his one year appointment we found that he was about 24th percentile in weight and 90th in height. He is doing so much now. He can say Momma, Daddy, ball, dog, Bob, woof, Moo, and balloon. He also know over twenty signs now (ASL). He communicates pretty well and continutes to keep us entertained.

Great Grandma Mona sent him these horses for his birthday and he was very excited.

We threw him a little cowboy themed party and a few of our friends from the ward here came. More pictures to come from the party. This is Logan thinking about eating his giant cupcake.

He didn't get too dirty. He wasn't too sure about the frosting.

Here is one of the things we got him for his birthday. Doesn't he look cute at his new table?

He is getting so big!

He insists on feeding himself although not much gets in his mouth as you can see. He loves silverware.

He is still really into watching Baby Signing Time. He asks to watch it like ten times a day.

He is still as in love with Bob as ever. They are best friends and they follow eachother everywhere. A week ago a board fell off of the fence and Bob got out. We looked all around the house and the neighborhood. I was carrying Logan in one arm who was carrying the leash and in my other hand I had Bob's ball. We were squeaking the ball and yelling "Bob" in hope that he would hear us and come back. Logan seemed to understand the situation and with a very serious face he yelled "Bob" with me. It was so cute. I just kept thinking that we had to find Bob for Logan's sake if for no other reason. Don't worry, we found him, he had been picked up by the city.

Mike's sister Lisa came to Waco for a day and brought Ava. She had a conference for work in Dallas so we were fortunate enough to see her. Logan is six days younger than his cousin Ava. They seemed to really enjoy oneanother's company. Logan walked over and kissed Ava on the mouth he liked her so much (although she wasn't sure what she thought about that). I wish that we lived closer so that they could grow up together.

Logan is always busy-busy these days. He recently discovered his love for the hose. It is getting a tiny bit cooler here so we are finally enjoying the outside world again.

He was so happy and had me laughing so hard.

He was soaked and not a tiny bit sad about it.

Grandma and Grandpa Paul came for a visit. It was so nice to spend time with them. Logan especially enjoyed their stay and was heart broken when Grandma Elsie had to return to Utah. We are glad that Grandpa is still here atleast. We hope that he likes his new job here.


Ashby said...

Oh my goodness! Happy Birthday Logan! I didn't realize he was a year already. Time flies, doesn't it! Looks like you guys are doing well!

Krista Hansen said...

Can't believe Logan is 1 already! Your family is so cute and I'm glad you found Bob.

Kelli Radmall said...

Oh my love! Logan is so big and so funny. His hair cracks me up! He is such a funny combo of you and your adorable husband. I miss you guys! (as always) I love to see new pictures and I love you lots! Happy Birthday Cowboy.

Dustin Christensen said...

nice bob got a cellmate

Laurel said...

So happy! This slew of pictures just made my day! Loved talking to you the other day, and I will call you soon for us to find you a new blog background. Love you!

Brooke said...

Crazy that he is one already. He is such a cutie! Zoe is turning one in just a couple weeks and I am kind of sad about it- I want her to stay little longer!

Jen Suman said...

Marissa! I'm so glad I found your blog on Danielle's page! Your little boy is adorable and you look great! Check out my blog -

Jamie said...

Oh I miss you guys so much!!! Happy Birthday again Logan... the pictures are so cute!! Marissa, did you cut your hair?? it's looking cute, I need to see a better pic!! I'm praying that my baby girl gets some of those baby Logan curls... (I know I was always jealous of Mike's)... but if you look at my boys... the Williams' genes are a bit dominant...blonde and straight... but still cute as ever!! give Logan kisses and hope to see you soon! love you!

Brooke said...

Hey, Grandma tells me that "congrats" are in order. :) Exciting!

Larry said...

He is SO cute. And Marissa - I love the picture of you as well!