Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Get Smart

Both of my sisters already posted these pictures on their blogs but I just couldn't resist copying them. While we were in Utah my Aunt babysat for us so we could all go to a movie (thank you so much Lynette). The only movie that we could agree on that no one had seen yet was Get Smart. We weren't expecting much but found ourselves laughing the whole time. Needless to say, everyone ended up loving the movie and it was only obvious that we needed to get in on the spy action ourselves. After a quick trip to D.I. for "spy clothes" and the costume store for wigs we were on our way to being special agents. These pictures were taken in the middle of the street in front of my parents house. I am sure that the cars driving by and the neighbors thought we were crazy but we were having too much fun to notice. Dad took the pictures and Larry held the lights in place. I think they turned out pretty good. You'll have to click on them to make them bigger so that you can have a better look.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Family Picture

Since it had been so long since the whole family had been all together, of course we had to take a family photo. Unfortunately, all of our husbands were gone so it ended up being a Borup picture. I love how it turned out. Candice (my oldest sister) set up a tripod and her seven year old son pressed the button. She did the photo editing too. She is so talented. I stole this off of sister number two's blog, I couldn't resist (I hadn't gotten around to scanning it in yet). Thank you sisters!

I love and miss you cute family!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Summer Highlights
part I

We have been having so much fun this summer. We took an awesome trip to Utah and it didn't last long enough. The best part was seeing my little brother for the first time in two years and going to his mission homecoming. He loved Brazil and he was a great missionary.
Here are some of the other things that we enjoyed:

Here we are at the Lavender Fest. Aren't the Mountains beautiful? I miss them so much. My sister Stephanie always knows what fun things there are to do. In the picture from left to right is Stephanie holding creed, Larry, my Dad, Eli, my Mom, me holding Logan, and then Mike. The Lavender fields were not yet in full bloom due to a late spring but it was still fun.

Doesn't Logan look like he is enjoying this?

More Lavender Fest...

One of the best parts of coming home is being able to see my best friends (Laurel, why didn't I get any pictures on my camera with you?). This is Kelli and her baby Felicity.

Logan got to bond with family and met his Uncle Eli for the first time.

Here is part of the Garner Clan. One afternoon we went to the American Fork Pool. It was a neat community pool and Logan had a blast in the water as usual.

Here are the boys playing (that is Uncle Steve on Logan's left).

We went camping in Idaho for a Garner Family Reunion over the Fourth of July.

Logan loved the pizza we had for dinner.

This is Logan with his cousin Ava. She is six days older than him. One day they will be best pals.

This is Logan hanging out with his Great Grandpa Borup. Isn't Grandpa cute? He may or may not be the real Santa Claus.

Because of Eli's homecoming the whole Borup family was in town. The Stringhams came all the way from New York, the Fords moved all the way from Ohio, and of course we flew in from Texas.
Here we are playing at Kelli's pool. Nice one Eli!

Aren't my sunglasses sweet (thanks Radmalls for lending them to me)?