Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Okay here is a little more of what we have been up to:

A bunch of guys from Mike's work put together a softball team and we have enjoyed going and watching daddy play.

Logan loves going to the games and cannot be convinced to leave his own glove, ball, and bat at home.

Mike ended up playing catcher when the old one broke a few fingers at work. I think he did a really good job.

Grandpa (obviously Mike's dad, don't they look alike?) would come and watch too. Even Campbell seemed to enjoy watching the games.

Here is the team. Mike started the season late so he didn't get a red shirt (I am afraid he sticks out like a sore thumb). I am glad that he is playing softball even if it takes up a little of our precious time because Mike needs something fun in his life. He works a lot and when he is home I can be demanding. He is such a good dad and husband. We are so lucky.

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Stamp With Linz said...

Looks like fun- I love watching a ball game. :)