Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Disney World!

I am feeling way behind, this summer has been very exciting and very busy! We had a trip to Utah for my brother's wedding, took a quick trip to Canada, celebrated the Fourth of July, and even started preschool! But instead of catching up on all the summer events I am going to skip to what we have been up to in the last week (Although I am vowing to one day post on all these important events eventually).

When we moved to Florida we were so excited to have so many fun things to do right at our fingertips. One of the first things we did was head to Disney World. It was a blast but it cost a pretty penny so we told Logan that he needed to save up if he wanted to head back soon. When we moved into our house here the previous tenants left behind a giant jug that made the perfect "piggy-bank" and that is how we started saving. All change laying around was collected by an eager Logan and before we knew it we were on our way back to Disney.

Here is Logan with the beloved jug. On our way to DisneyWorld we stopped at a Coin Star.

Logan was so excited when we pulled into the parking lot that I had to capture this pure joy on film.

It was a Tuesday and stinkin' hot so we thought that the crowds would be mild, WRONG! It was so busy but we still had a good time. Who can resist Buzz Lightyear and carousels?

This is Campbell and me on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Our boys love Toy Story.

Campbell's favorite ride was the carousel. He got so mad when we had to get off. Since the line wasn't bad we went on it twice in a row.

We told Logan that he could pick a souvenier and he chose a pirate set. I told him to look mean and this is the face he made.

The kids were both asleep before we could get to our car. It was a fun but exhausting day.
We hardly took any pictures this time around. We will have to be sure to take more pictures next time in the classic locations. Between the rides, the parades, and the fire works it really is a magical place.


Ryan and Melissa said...

So fun! I love Disney World, but it's probably way more fun with kids. I'm sad you won't be there at the reunion this week! Have fun in Florida!

Brandon, Emily & Sydney Wilson said...

OH....I'm so happy that you posted all the fun things your family has done while in Florida. I love seeing their smiling faces...so dang cute! Can't describe how much I miss you all.