Sunday, November 07, 2010

Two Little Boys

Our two little boys keep life exciting.  I thought I would share a few pictures to share how they are growing.

Logan is such a character!  His passion in life is to make others laugh.  He loves to be the center of attention and maybe that is why he enjoys wearing costumes wherever we go.  I bought a dinosaur costume two months before Halloween and Logan took full advantage of the situation.  He wore that costume to costco, parks, the zoo, and even to bed.  When Halloween came Logan announced that he wanted to be a robot.  I guess the dinosaur was just his everyday costume.  When he was dressed in his dino-suit he insisted that you only call him dinosaur or Cocoa, he would correct you or not respond until you called him by his correct name.  He was truly in character when he put on the suit, he would even roar at innocent bystanders but mostly just at his brother.

Here is Cocoa the dinosaur with two of his new friends, Ruby and Madeline, at the Zoo.  See, I really wasn't kidding about him wearing his costume everywhere.

Seriously, he is such a nut and it is so entertaining!  He is a chatter box and he will talk to anyone who will listen. 

Campbell turned 18 months!  He has a strong personality but is picky about who he shares it with.  He recently started going to nursery at church and so far isn't a big fan.  I on the other hand love nursery.  He became of age just in time because Mike just got called to the bishopbric and I am in the Young Women's so we can focus better on our callings. But lets get back to Campbell, he is talking so much these days although he makes up his own words too.  Bombom means candy.  He can say "candy" and "treat" but he prefers bombom.  The kid lives for candy (you are probably thinking, "yeah but every kid loves candy", but let me assure you, this is a stronger more binding love).  Although books may be a tie for his first love. 
Campbell will not be pushed around.  Maybe having an older brother has helped but he will stick up for himself and if he wants something nothing can stop this little boy.  One of the quirky things that Campbell does is carry around random items in his little fist all day.  It could be a rock, a car, a book, a name it, but hours later he will still be carrying it around.  You have to pry things out of his hands before going to bed or he will stay up and play with them.  So one day I pried a bouncey ball out of his hands and set it on top of a tall dresser, after his nap he went into his room and closed the door when I heard a crash from down stairs.  I quickly dashed up the stairs and found Campbell screaming, pinned down under the dresser.  He had pulled all the drawers out to use them like a ladder but since all the weight was out of the dresser it fell over.  I picked up the dresser and Campbell hopped up saying "ball? ball?" while franticly searching the room.  When he found it he dashed off without another peep.  I seriously cannot explain the intensity that is Campbell. 


I cannot tell you the number of times that people have asked if Logan is part black. I have to convince people that he is not black or adopted, not an easy task. 

Getting a picture of these two together is nearly impossible.  I couldn't even get them to look at the camera and I usually have to bribe them. 
I am so glad that these boys have eachother.  They share a room now and it is fun to hear them chatting with one another before they go to bed.  They have so much fun wrestling,racing, and playing together. 

You can see the bribe dripping out of Campbell's mouth here. 

Really, I wasn't kidding about the suit. 
Good night.


Anonymous said...

Great posts! I can't believe how big those boys are getting. We miss you guys so much. It looks like you are having fun and finding new friends and adventures though. Love you guys.


Janadt.Huggins said...

I love this posted. I laughed out loud several times. Your boys are beautiful! Canada huh, what an adventure!