Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Campbell Turns 2!

April first we flew home to Utah because Mike's brother Steve and his wife Emma were getting sealed in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.  All of Mike's siblings were able to be there.  It was so nice to be with everyone and we are so proud of you Steve and Emma!  I think the kids had the most fun playing with their cousins and getting spoiled by Grandma Elsie. 

Since we were surrounded by family we decided to throw a little party for Campbell's second birthday.  Nana (my mom) was kind enough to surrender her house for the cause.  It looked like rain out so we ended up having an indoor easter egg hunt.  I think these little bunnies enjoyed themselves. 

Nine of Campbell's cousins were in attendance.  It was a blast!
(Alec, Campbell, Kendall, Ava, and Ella)

More bunny cousins (Caden, Garner, Logan, and Creed). 

After the easter egg hunt our little bunnies had to earn their carrots (a plastic carrot full of bubbles) by doing the bunny hop.  I only wish I could have captured how cute these kids were while doing the bunny hop. It may have been my favorite part of the party and they truly seemed to be enjoying themselves. 

Next we made bunny candy necklaces (thank you Stephanie for finding these jems). 

This is Mike's sister Jamie with two of her kids Kendall and Caden. 

For those of you who don't know Campbell well, he is so entertainig.  He takes awhile to warm up to new people but he loves to talk and he has the best laugh (and don't worry a few days later he got his first real hair cut, thanks Nana)! 

Campbell loves books,  his cowboy boots, any kind of fruit, pretending to be a cat named fluffy, and playing with Logan.  He is still a good napper and a little bit of a home-body but he really enjoys being outside now that it has warmed up.  He is brave, confident, and could be referred to as Mr. Independent.  Let's just say he is overflowing with personality. 

Logan and Campbell recently invented a game they named anyfundge.  One of them lays on a half blown up punching bag and the other jumps from the arm of a chair landing on the bag launching their brother into the air.  Is this a good idea you ask?  Probably not but I dare you to stop them.  Plus, it is pretty darn hilarious to watch.        

Campbell is constantly saying funny things.  I took Campbell with me into a dressing room and when I tried on a dress he said, "you a pretty princess mom."   I didn't know he knew about princesses yet. 


Even Uncle Eli was able to make it. 

I have to especailly thank Stephanie, my Grammie Billee Lou, and Jamie for the extra help.  I owe you!  Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating with us.  My only regret was not taking more pictures.  I wish I had a picture of everyone there.   

Since we flew to Utah we knew we wouldn't be able to get Campbell's gifts home so we had a small celebration when we got back.  Who doesn't love an extra excuse for more celebration?  We love you Campbell!   


Brandon, Emily & Sydney Wilson said...

HOLY COW! How cute are your little boys??? Ummm...super cute! I wish I could just reach through this computer and bring your whole family over to my house. Campbell is sooo big....too big! Is it too much to ask that our kids just stop growing. I want them to stay babies forever. Just reminds me of how long it has been since we last saw eachother. Okay...and your hair looks way long from that side shot. Maybe next time you could post a pic of your beautiful self....although I'm not one to talk. I haven't posted since like November! (and I pretty much never put up pics of myself) Miss you guys so much!!!

Laurie said...

Fun! I think you need to post a video of this half blown up punching bag game...

ec said...

happy birthday campbell! the cahoons totally dig you ... especially jane ;)

Kelli Radmall said...

Darling new blog posts! Love you tons! Now-you better find out the gender of this baby and let me know!