Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Halloween
Better Late Than Never

This year we celebrated Mike's birthday over some apple pie (he likes pie better than cake) and a Halloween party. 

A few days later we put on our pj's and carved our pumpkins. 

Even Elsie joined in the fun.

Campbell's pumpkin was a cat.  I am not exactly sure where his love of cats comes from but it runs deep.  Lets hope its just a phase.  j/k

Campbell is one of the nuttiest kids I have ever met.  I wish that he would share his kookie personality with everyone.  The missionaries came over the other night for dinner and he wouldn't say a word to them.  Once Mike asked a cahttering Campbell why he doesn't talk like that to everyone and his reply was, "because I don't like them".   So apparently, if Campbell talks to you its a compliment. 

Logan still doesn't like to get his hands dirty if he can help it.  This was his new approach to cleaning out the pumpkin.  When that didn't work he returned to his rubber gloves. 

Mike and I dressed up as Roughrider fans (the Canadian football team from Saskatchewan).  They are a big deal here. You Americans might not get it but our friends thought it was funny.  This picture was taken after I had already taken off my watermelon hat.  Mike made them and I must say I he did a really good job. 


All the kids had astronaut costumes and we failed getting a picture of them all together.  Logan dressed up as a fire fighter for the halloween party at church which is somewhat ironic because he has a new and very real fear of fire alarms but that's another story.  Anyway I think they are adorable and they had a blast trick or treating this year.  Between the party at church and trick or treating they ended up with a load of candy! 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Elsie is almost five weeks old now.  The time has flown by.  She is so sweet and cuddly.  I don't know how she stays calm amongst the chaos of her two energetic brothers.  Let's just hope her peaceful energy starts to rub off on them.  We are all so glad she is a part of our family, it is hard to imagine life without her.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Life around here is crazy but it is so worth it.

Time Flies

I don't know where the time goes.  I have so much to catch up on, and a million pictures to post. Elsie is already a month old, ah! 

While I was pregnant I would often ask the boys what they thought we should name their little sister. Penelope and Millie were their two favorite names.  When we brought Elsie home from the hospital the boys announced that if we could name the baby they could to...thus Elsie became also known as Penelope.  I stayed home from church the first few weeks after Elsie was born and from what I understand several people asked the boys what we named our new baby to which they of course replied, "Penelope".  It has caused some confusion but I think it is hilarious.  It has been four weeks and they still refer to Elsie as Penelope. 

The boys are so sweet with Elsie.  They kiss her, talk to her, and beg to hold her all day long.  This is a picture of Logan watching TV while holding Elsie's hand, so cute!  Whenever she cries the boys do their best to comfort her.  They scramble to find her binki, pat her on the head, hold her hand, or sing to her. 

When Elsie was two weeks old we went to get pumpkins on our first real outing.  Dutch Growers green house has a fun hay bale maze every year and the kids loved it.  We had a hard time keeping up with the boys.  This dead end allowed me to catch Logan for a quick picture.

They ran through the maze atleast three times.

After much deliberation we took home three wonderful pumpkins to carve.