Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Campbell is Three!

Campbell turned three in April.  He is quite obssessed with Kinder eggs (chocolate eggs with surprises in the middle) so he insisted on having a "Kinder Egg Party".  "But what do you do at a Kinder Egg Party?" I would ask him.  Campbell: "You have an easter egg hunt and give everyone Kinder Eggs." So here it is folks...The Kinder Egg Birthday Party.

The spring has been cold and wet so we waited until the end of May for the perfect day.  I think it was worth the wait.  Campbell was one happy boy!

Our guests met us at a park perfect for picnicking and easter egg hunting. 

While Mike hid the eggs we distracted the kids with a few games. 

The kids had to push their kinder egg with their nose to a plastic spoon and then balance it while racing down to a tree. 

Then it was time for the much anticipated hunt.   

I had a hard time getting decent pictures of the kids.  They were too fast racing around gathering their eggs.

Campbell took his sweet time hunting.  He likes to stop and check out what is in each egg before he moves on to the next.  I guess he knows how to live in the moment.  You could say he is a "stop and smell the roses" kind of a guy. 


The good news is the party was after easter so I was able to buy buckets and eggs on clearance.  I wrote each child's name in gold on the bucket to avoid mix-ups and sent them off to find fifteen eggs each.  I tried to fill the eggs with things other than just sweets.  There were glow-in-the-dark spiders, felt bunny stickers, foam surprise capsules, and then treats of course. 

It was nice having the playground close by so the kids could play while we waited for other guests to arrive or while we set up for lunch. 


After the egg hunt it was picnic time.  We served croissant sandwiches, fruit kabobs, chips, drinks, and chocolate bird nests. 

Here are a few of our little guests. 

I was so glad that Mike was able to leave work for a few hours to celebrate.  He is always such a big help and the best dad.

We are so grateful Campbell is a part of our family.  He adds so much joy to our life.  He is one of the funniest kids I have ever met.  He has a grumpy old man soul and he always has us in stitches (see above picture).  He scowls at admirers in public places, "I'm giving them my mad face Mom", he says whatever he feels, and has no hesitation doing whatever he pleases.  He is confident and tough, don't you dare call him cute to his face.   He is very smart and he keeps up with his big brother Logan whom he admires greatly.  Logan is his best friend.  They do everything together.  He is still obssessed with cats and has already planned his fourth birthday party which yes, is indeed cat themed.  He spends most of his spare time pretending to be a cat named Fluffy (which I thought was just a little phase but it is turning out to be a really long phase).  His favorite toys are Squinkies.  He lives off of fruit.  He is a pro at riding his little red tricycle around and he has been a great shopping companion while Logan is in preschool.  When I try things on I always ask Campbell what he thinks.  Once I got the response, "you're a pretty princess Mom!"  My heart melted.  Another time I held up a shirt and Campbell said, "not good Mom".  I don't know if it was how he said it or the look on his face that had me laughing hysterically.  He still loves books and hates princess movies.  He has recently overcome his fear of skunks.  On our drive to Utah for our christmas vacation a skunk sprayed our truck and at the next stop Campbell thought he saw a skunk close by him in the bushes.  He was really startled and made us carry him to and from the car wherever we went for two weeks.  Now he is on to coyotes.  There have been several sightings of coyotes in the neighborhood and warnings from the neighborhood association.  I may have used this to my benefit when Campbell kept letting himself out to play without my supervision.  I told him about the letters and he hasn't left the house alone since.  If you want to be this little guys friend you have to earn it.  Grandma Elsie says she has to win Campbell over everyday when he comes to visit.  But his company will keep you entertained for sure.  Here is a recent conversation we had:

Campbell:  "Mom I can't find_____ (some toy I don't recall which particular one).  Do you know where it is?"
Me:  "Campbell, I think we should get rid of some toys.  You have too many so you can't ever find what you're looking for."
Campbell:   Silence. . . "Mom?  I think you have too many dresses."

I could go on forever.  The point is, Campbell, you are awesome and we love you!         


Laurie said...

Love the pics!!! What fun. When Hannah was little there was an American form of Kinder eggs and she LOVED them. We were just talking about them the other day! Cute family!!!!! We love you guys!!

Kim said...

Oh how we miss all of you. Cute post...we love seeing your fun activities. Can't wait to see you all soon.

Anonymous said...

What a great party, and great pictures.


ec said...

so fun mariss! wish we could have come & celebrate with you...he is super cute, but don't tell him I said that;)

Frampton Family said...

You've got to post these pictures on Pinterest! Such a cute party!