Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Crib!

There is a store in Kingston that carries slightly damaged furniture for a reasonable price. The Relief Society President told me that occasionally you could find baby stuff there so I decided to stop by yesterday to look for a crib. They didn't have any that I could see so I asked an employee how often they get shipments in. When I told her it was a crib I was looking for she took me into the back of the store. There hadn't been any room for a crib on the floor so it was being used as a storage place for a billion electric blankets. After pulling all the blankets out to take a better look, I could see that it was just what I needed. It was a display bed at a store and seemed to be in great condition other than a few scratches in the white paint.

I spent a long time in the store. First I needed to get a hold of mike but unfortunately he was in a meeting that ended up lasting hours later. So I bought the crib by myself and plotted getting it home. I knew that I would have to take it apart to fit it into the 4runner. I needed a hex wrench key to take out the screws and they didn't have one at the store so I made due with a random tool and set out to work. It took awhile but I did it. Before I left I spotted a dresser that matched the crib pretty well and I decided to get it too. One of girls working there helped me carry everything out to the car and then I fin ally drove home.

I got the bed all put together before mike got home from work. Here are some pictures (sorry they are a little dark).

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Stephanie said...

They look so nice. Mom said you were worried that they wouldn't work as well if you have a boy, but I think they're perfect for a boy or a girl with the right bedding. So cute!