Tuesday, August 21, 2007


We had a great weekend. On Saturday we headed down to Chattanooga for something to do. To our suprise it was a shorter ride than we expected. Next time we have house guests we will have to take them down there. There was so much to do and it is a cute old city. We ended up going to the Tennessee Aquarium first.

This is Mike with one of the largest crabs ever.

This is a not so cute picture of me in front of the cute penguins. I must say, I was proud of myself for being out and about at 39 weeks of pregnancy.

After the aquarium we had to go to Ben and Jerry's for a cool treat. It was really hot outside.

After ice cream we went to a 3d imax show of the deep sea. It was really cool.

I wish we had a picture of the cute diner that we found. It was a cute old place that was packed with locals. We sat at the counter and enjoyed the environment and good food before we headed back home.


Laurel said...

Okay if we ever make it out there for youguys, you HAVE to take us to every cool place you have found! I miss you!

Steph said...

What no pictures that show your cute belly?

Larry said...

We want Belly! We want Belly!