Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Canadian Snowman

Campbell really hates the cold and everything that has anything to do with it: coats, hats, boots, mittens, you get the idea. So, while he was taking a nap we thought we would get out and make ourselves a snowpal.  It is so cold the snow won't pack so we made more of a snowpile than a traditional snowman.  Then we dressed him up with milk caps for the eyes, a carrot nose, straw for a mouth and the top of our bird house for a hat. Logan's favorite part was using the water bottle to make rosy cheeks. 

Excuse the hat hair.

It is amazing how much fun food coloring in a water bottle can be in the snow!

Unfortunately our snowman, I mean pile, lived a short life and then he died.  It was a gory mess. 
But seriously this is Canada and he will be in our backyard until May atleast. 


Stephanie Ford said...

Ask and ye shall receive!

Did you post just for me? My wish came true!

And your post cracked me up.

And I have a snowman post in my drafts. I guess I should finish it up!

Natalie said...! I was laughing so hard at the final picture! Hilarious! Miss you guys!!

ec said...

an update!

i promise that you can make real snowmen here. we'll have to make one together once it isn't so freakin' frigid out there.