Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little Trip

We had the chance to take a trip over a long weekend so we headed to Waterton National Park (the Canadian side of Glacier National Park).  To get there we had to drive through Southern Alberta so we made sure that we swung by Raymond, the town where Mike's mother was born.  It was a quick stop but we were able to visit the grave of James Heninger, Mike's grandfather.  We also drove by the house he was raised in. 

The Cardston Temple was right on the way too. 

The boys enjoyed jumping on the beds when we got to our hotel in Waterton.  It is our family tradition to get actions shots, don't worry there are more to come.

This is what we saw right outside our hotel room.  We saw wild life all over the park.

We road the bicycle suri to Cameron Falls.  The falls were beautiful but the boys couldn't have cared less, they just wanted to get back on the bike.     

We had so much fun touring around Waterton by Suri.  The boys said it was their favorite part of the day. 

Did I mention Waterton was beautiful? 

Here is a another view of Upper Waterton Lake (taken from the Prince of Wales Hotel).

I have had many requests to see more of my growing belly so here you go.  I have seven weeks to go.

The canoe rental place closed minutes before we got to Cameron Lake.  We were so disappointed but glad that we got to enjoy the view (We'll go next time Logan, I promise). 

It was a very full day, after we biked around town we ate a delicious lunch at a restruant on the lake then we headed to red rock canyon.  I wish we had pictures, it was beautiful.  The boys walked up and down the shallow riverbed throwing rocks and playing in the water.  Next we drove to Cameron Lake (missed the canoeing wah, wah) and then ate dinner at Weiners of Waterton (which I highly recommend).  On our way out of the park we stopped by the famous Prince of Wales Hotel and continued on to Cardston where we stayed the night on our way down to Montana.  It was truely a great day.


Alicia said...

I think you look beautiful! Happy!

ec said...

you went to montana? wahhh! i was there ... without my phone. i'm so sad i missed you. but i'm glad you went ... waterton is the best.