Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee are the Places to be!

For Memorial day weekend Mike and I drove up to Columbus, Ohio for Creed Ford's baby blessing. Mom and Dad came too so it was a big party. On Saturday morning Mike and I got to go to a session at the Columbus temple. Stephanie is so lucky to live so close to the temple. It was the first time that I have been to a "mini" temple for a session. It always feels so good to go to the temple.
Later that day, we went downtown with the Fords for lunch. They took us to this cool warehouse that is full of booths with different types of food from around the world. Mike and I had Indian food and the Fords went with vietnamese food. It was hard to chose what to eat because everything looked so good. It was heaven for a hungry pregnant lady. Shortly there after mom and dad's flight arrived and before we knew it, it was time to eat again. So, we headed over to the Rice's house for a BBQ. The Sharpe family was there too. It was good to see them. They were such good friends to me when I lived there five years ago. Bochi Ball (I have no idea how it is spelled) was the highlight of the evening for the men. You play by seeing how close you can get your ball to the target from across the yard. I think everyone had a great time.
In the morning was Creed's baby blessing and Larry did a great job. Afterwards we just relaxed and visited the rest of the day. Here we are playing Uno Attack late that night. We took a picture trying to copy the one on the game box. If you have the game you'll have to get the box out and compare. How did we do? It was really late and we were laughing so hard. We also played Sequence but Stephanie and I couldn't get our act together and we lost everytime! Those stinky boys must have been cheating (j/k).

Here is a not so attractive picture of Mike and I when we woke up one morning. I wanted to take a picture of us in our new pj bottoms. Stephanie has a tradition of buying her guests cute pj bottoms when they come visit from out of state. It is a fun tradition. We took the picture with the timer because no one else was up yet.

Sadly Monday we had to head home but not before we stopped inLouisville, Kentucky to visit the Stringhams. They took us to a wacky cafe were we took this picture. Mike is holding up Grant with his left leg. It was funny but I guess you had to be there.

Since Candice and Mark had so much to do with getting ready to move, we took the boys home with us. We were so excited to have the boys stay with us. We did all kinds of fun things. Here is Grant and some our driveway art. They boys loved having a huge yard to play in. I think their favorite part of the trip was playing with Bob. They loved chasing him around, taking him on "walks", and sleeping with him at night.

Here is Cole resting on one of his walks with Bob.

I am excited to post a million pictures of all the things we did but you will have to wait until later today or tomorrow because I gotta go.


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Kim said...

We can't get any of the pictures. Can you redo them? I had that happen when I was doing my blog for work. I had to download the pictures again. We can't wait to see them.