Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Grant and Cole Time

We had a blast this week doing all kinds of stuff. Grant is six years old and Cole is almost four years old. They are in such a fun stage of life. They are up everyday atleast by seven o'clock which took some adjusting to for me. I usually get to sleep in. We started out everyday with breakfast and cartoons. On their first day I showed them around the yard and we played. We played with Bob, the hammock, sidewalk chalk, and we watered the garden. The boys really liked the hose this trip. Then we went to the park. It is right on the Lake so eventually after swinging on the swings awhile we had to go put our feet in the water. There were some people swimming and the boys decided they wanted to go swimming too. So, the boys took off their shirts and jumped in. Cole went from the water to the sand box a number of times. He would get sand stuck all over and then get in the water. They boys were having so much fun that I didn't want to make them leave. Unfortunately he burns really easily and I had only put sun screen in the places were his clothes weren't before we left. They were mad but we headed home before cole got burnt. After relaxing a little and putting on dry clothes we headed to the store. The boys picked out food they liked and they were being really good so we bought toy cars and squirt guns to play with when they got home.
The boys always looked forward to Uncle Mike getting home from work. We tried to do something fun with all of us after dinner and before they had to go to bed every night. One night we made a fire in the back yard and roasted marshmallows. Mike was always teaching the boys something scientific or scout-ie. He is going to be a great dad.
Really what didn't we do this week? We played games like go fish, hide and seek, and sorry, colored, made a fort, found a turtle, went to the library, went swimming at our neighbors pool, read storybooks, played on the computer, found buried treasure, went to the park, ate popsicles, I swear I could go on forever.
I have to admit that I was proud of myself for the meals and activities I planned. The boys seemed to have a great week. I was exhausted but it was worth it. It was a small glimpse into my future days of motherhood. I hope my boys are as well behaved as Grant and Cole.
Mike, Bob and I really miss having the boys around.

This is Grant in the hammock out front.

Here is the turtle we found. I think cole is trying to decide if he trusts him. He looked kind of mean and he wasn't even slightly afraid of us.

Here is Grant in the Lake.

Here is a our awesome fort. It was set up around the tv and had pillows and blankets inside. But you have to know the password to get inside.

I will post more pictures tomorrow.


Kim said...

It looks like you had lots of fun Marissa. What a good auntie and sister you are. We look forward to having more adventures with you in July. Keep up the good blogging.

Laurel said...

Okay those boys are so stinkin' cute! And I agree with your mom, you are such a good aunt and sister. I can't wait to see the sorts of adventures you come up with for your cute babe!

Kim said...

Marissa: Aren't you going to put anything new on your blog. How are we going to keep up with your life and train you to be a good photograph if you don't write and post pictures? Miss you and can't wait to see you. Mom

Kim said...

OK that was train you to be a good photographer. Haste makes waste :)