Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The New Moon

On Monday night we had our firsts guests here in Tennessee. The Moons were on their way to Alabama for a summer internship. Brandon is a law student in Williamsburg at William and Mary. It was so great to meet the newest Moon, Atticus. He is three months old and so cute. Mike barbequed us some yummy hamburgers and we visited until late. In the morning we had breakfast, read atticus books, and stopped by the park in Kingston before the Moons had to be on their way (sadly, Mike had to be at work early that morning). It was so fun having them stay with us for the night. Hopefully we will get to meet up with them more this summer.

Here they are in front of the Lake.

It was just like old times. Here we are together. I am wearing Elizabeth's sunglasses. Aren't they cute?


Laurel said...

I want to play! I'm so excited you guys got to see each other for even a short time. I sounds like you had a really fun time!

Kim said...

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. What are your plans?

Laurel said...

Riss, are you coming out to Utah or is your mom going to visit you in Tennessee?

Elizabeth Moon said...

We miss you already! That was so much fun! Thanks for letting us stay over. We are looking forward to seeing ya'll again soon!