Thursday, April 12, 2007

Isn't it Beautiful?

We were outside planning on where to put our garden and we almost froze to death with the cold wind blowing. So, naturally after we put our coats on we went back outside to fly our kite. This is Mike flying the kite on the side of our house. You can see Bob if you look for the white speck in the picture. He loves to run and play and get muddy in the yard.

Anxiety at Walmart

I decided that I am going to make better dinners for when Mike gets home from work. Anyone who knows me is probably aware that I am not the most experienced cook. For the most part I have just made simple dinners such as hamburger helper or pasta or stuff that is quick and easy. I was always too tired when I got home from work to make something more complicated. Now that I have all the free time in the world, I made a goal to be better.

Today I found some recipes online that look great. I made a grocery list of all the things
I will need for the next four nights or so and then I headed out to our beloved walmart super store. It took awhile to round up all the things that were on my list. Don't you just hate grocery shopping? Anyway, I jumped in the shortest line and it was my turn before I knew it. I had a pretty good sized load in my cart so the bill wasn't tiny. I went to pay with my usual debit/credit card and to my horror it wasn't in my wallet. A few months ago we cancelled our other card because someone stole the credit card number and racked up a bill in Arizona. Mike had taken the check book out of my purse and therefore, I had no way to pay. Have you ever been in this situation? I had no idea what to do. The cashier voided it out and set the cart aside while I ran to the car to see if by some miracle I left my card out there. Nope, no card there. I searched my wallet and purse again. . .no card. It was almost 5:30 and Mike gets off work at 6:00 so I called him but he didn't pick up the first few times I called. Ahhh! I waited a few minutes and Mike called back. By then I was bawling and I am sure Mike thought something terrible had happened (give me a break I am a super emotional pregnant lady). I explained to him what had happened between sobs and he said that he would leave work right then. He is my hero and he swooped in to the rescue as always. It was torture waiting for him to get there. I didn't know whether or not to put back or trade back all of the frozen or refrigerated stuff or if I should just leave it. Well, it all turned out fine and I did end up finding my debit card when I got home. The End.

Our Kitchen

Little by little I will post pictures of what the inside of the house looks like. Here is one angle of our kitchen. It is a big kitchen so I couldn't fit it all in but you get the idea.

Here is a picture of the other side of the kitchen.


Kim said...

Hi Marzipan: Your kitchen looks "very nice." Sorry to read about your Walmart adventure but glad to hear you found your card. I love that you are keeping a blog. It is great reading about my children and seeing pictures on a regular basis. One of these days I'm going to get on board but not until I'm done with my work blog. Love ya!

Stephanie said...

I love your kitchen and I'm jealous of your beautiful appliances. Do you get the Krafts foods magazine? It's a free subscription that comes out four times a year and it has simple, good recipes. If you don't get it you should sign up for it. Let me know if you discover any good new recipes because I could use some help in that area too.

Laurel said...

Hi Love! I am so glad you told me to come look at your blog page. I love all your pictures and wish I were there to have WalMart adventures together... :) I have followed your lead and created a page myself, so now we can be nerdy bloggers on a regular basis! Do you have my yummy, easy crock pot recipes?