Friday, April 27, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

I don't know if its the familiar smells of the seasons, running into someone you know wherever you go, or just the comfortable feeling of being with family and close friends, that makes Utah one of my favorite places to be. I miss being around lots of members of the church, fun restraunts, and neat places to go shopping. It always just feels so go to be home in Utah even for a short time.

The trip was planned so that Mike could defend his master's thesis. He has been waiting a long time for the opportunity. He worked so hard preparing for his presentation that he didn't sleep the night before. Infact, he bearly got any sleep the week before. He did a great job on his power point presentation although a good majority of the information was over my head. Mom and dad, Elsie (my mother-in-law), and I were there to support him. The presentation lasted over thirty minutes and then we had to leave while Mike answered more questions. Then he came out while the board discussed more. It is a little bit of a lengthy process but the results were great: Mike passed! He has to make a few changes to his paper but that was expected. In two weeks he will officially be done.

That was nice to have done and out of the way at the beginning of the trip because we always have so much we want to do while we are there. Here are some of the things we did:

1. We ate at Costa Azul and Rumbi's grill. Those are two places that I crave all the time.

2. I went to Mike's cousin Afton's bridal shower.

3. Mike went shooting with his dad, Kade our brother-in-law, and some of his friends.

4. We went to a BYU men's volleyball game. They are fantastic by the way.

5. Crocheted with Elsie a little.

6. I visited Brenda Heaton one of my oldest friends. And while I was there she cut my hair.

7. I got to chill with Kelli Radmall my best friend.

8. Laurel and Jason Richardson visited me with there new baby Isabel. She is so much fun. They are great friends.

9. We attended Sacrament meeting in the great pv 8th ward. To Mike's absolute delight there was a district of russian missionaries visiting the ward. He got to converse with them and even found one of the elders was good friends with one of his old companions. He is excited that he found a way to contact him again.

10. I had lunch with some of my mother's siblings and their families. It was nice to catch up with everyone. Sadly Mike couldn't be there because he had to fly back to work in Tennessee.

11. Mom and I shopped around for cute fabrics to make a baby quilt. Cute boy stuff is so much harder to find. It took us all day to find something we liked. We also bought wool felt to make cute newborn shoes and we bought some fabric to make cute bibs. I had no idea one could buy iron on stuff to make oil cloth.

12. Mom and I went to Dave's Bernina and bought a pedal for the old sewing machine Mike has. Now I can be a sewer too.

13. Mom and I stopped by Costco to pick up somethings. It sounds so unexciting but I truly miss costco. They don't have them here.

14. Mom and I started on the projects that we bought all the supplies for. I love being busy and doing stuff with my hands. Not only was it a great opportunity to hangout with my mom but it gave me the chance to learn some new skills. Guys love a girl with skills.

The best part was just seeing everyone that I miss so much. I wish that I could have visited more friends and spent more time with family but luckily we will be back in June. I think it will be our last visit for awhile. I won't be able to fly for a few months after that. Being pregnant isn't that bad but it has some set backs.

Thank you to everyone that let us stay with you. We appreciate all the time you set aside to be with us. We miss you already.

Here is a picture of the baby quilt my Mom and I are in the process of making. It is kind of crazy but lets face it that's just my personality. Just wait and see, it will look good.


Laurel said...

I think your quilt it going to turn out fantastic! It was so good to see you, and I know what you mean about being with friends and family. I am even here in Utah every day, but on those days you are with those you love, they are the best! I love you and am so glad we were able to hang out!

Brandon Moon said...

Hi Marissa! It's been too long! I didn't even know you had a blog! I tried calling you the other day but your number wouldn't go through--did you get a new one?

Let's talk soon! Love you! Elizabeth

Elizabeth Moon said...

Hi again! I am working on our blog site now so check it out!