Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our Easter Trip

Mike had the Friday before Easter off because of good friday. We had to take advantage of his time off so we drove up to Ohio to visit the Ford's. On the way we stopped in Louisville, Kentucky to stay the night and to pick up the Stringhams. We slept in Grant and Cole's bunkbed. They were really excited to see that we brought Bob the dog. They played with him the entire weekend. Cole's favorite activity was to climb in Bob's kennel with him. When Cole was supposed to be in bed he would sneak over to Bob's cage to pet him. The boys slept in the basement and Bob would sit by the door and cry for them.

My favorite part of the weekend was just being with everyone. Mike and I got to meet our nephew Creed for the first time. He was born March 22, 2007. He is so cute. We got to hold him, burp him, and change him. It made us even more excited for the day our baby comes.

While we were there we dyed easter eggs, played games, and went to the Duckling Day Parade. Every year on the Saturday before Easter, a local library holds the duckling day parade. All the kids dress up like ducks and follow the mother duck around the park to mimic the classic children's book, Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. This year it was extra cold so we mostly just watched from inside the library. It actually snowed while we were there. We watched a puppet show and the boys loved it. Then we went to our good friend's the Erneys house and had brunch. I nannied for the Erneys one summer about four years ago. They are great people.

One night Stephanie hid plastic eggs all around the yard. When the kids were asleep we got out our coats and flashlights for a midnight hunt for eggs. Everyone had his or her own color to search for and there was a golden egg with a gift certificate for the lucky finder. We had a blast.

Here is a picture of us with Creed. I know that Mike is going to be a great dad. Look how cute he looks holding baby Creed.

The Easter bunny was kind to us this year. Here is some of our loot. Last year mike decided to start a new and very random tradition of getting a fresh pineapple. I can't quite explain it. Also seen in this picture is little Cole. He loves Uncle mike.

We really did have a fun weekend. It was so hard to go home.

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