Sunday, May 13, 2007

Our Weekend

We had a nice weekend. On Friday we went to a local pizza place to eat dinner but we din't stay because it was too smokey. We ordered to go. What's with the south and smoking? Everyone smokes yuck! I miss the no smoking restraunts in the west, but anyway. . . The pizza was good. We took it to the park. After we went bowling. Yes, we actually have a bowling alley here. It was fun.

On Saturday we drove up to Knoxville to register for baby stuff. Mike would rather have been doing anything else but we needed to get it done. That night we went to the drive-in movies. We saw spiderman 3. We had our blankets, pillows, treats, and a great spot. What is it about the drive-in that is so great? The only sad part was that we had to go home before the second show. It was late and we had to finish writing our talks for church today.

I will report that our talks went well, I think. My topic was on mothers of course and Mike's was on how family life helps us understand our Heavenly Father. He did a good job. We were also set apart today for our callings as second councellors in the young men's and young women's programs.

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