Sunday, May 20, 2007

We Gave Bob a Bath!

Bob jumped in the lake again when I brought him on a walk this week. He is so hard to keep clean now that he has a yard to play in. He loves to dig in the red dirt. He was getting stinky so we gave him one serious scrub. This is him after we dried him off. He gets "fraggle rock" hair on top of his head. I love it.

Here he is again.

My Garden Rocks

Stephanie gave me the idea to stamp rocks to label my garden. She introduced to me the best stamps by Martha Stewart (it was on her blog, The only problem was finding rocks smooth enough to stamp on. I spotted these rocks on one of my walks around the lake and Mike came back with me to collect a few in a backpack.

Here are two pictures of our garden. We planted corn, carrots, peas, beans, tomoatoes, cucumber, pumpkin, squash, and watermelon. It is hard to keep up with the weeding but we can't wait for our garden to grow and give us yummy vegetables.

We had a nice weekend. We ate out at a mexican restaurant. We actually saw real live mexicans there too which is rare around these parts. Then we went to the store and bought a blender to make smoothies (our last one broke). Mike makes the best smoothies! Come over and we'll make you one, well Mike will anyway. While we were at the store we saw an ice cream maker and we had to buy that too. So today we made oreo ice cream, yum! Isn't homemade ice cream the best? Besides eating we watched an Alfred Hitchcock film, The Rear Window. Mostly I just hung around while Mike worked on more thesis revisions. It is almost done. I can't wait until he is done because then I don't have to worry about hogging his free time. Weekends are great because I get to be around Mike all day. Anyway....that's all for now.


Stephanie said...

Why can't you live here so we can hang out and watch Hitchcock movies together? We have an icecream maker and we have never used it because Larry doesn't get how good homemade ice cream is and he thinks it's not worth it. The ice cream maker was a wedding present and he wanted to return it.

I love the way your rocks turned out and good idea photographing them on cute paper. I'm goin gto have to try that. The background of my pictures is always boring.

Laurel said...

I love that you have a real garden! My yard is so small I honestly don't know if we'll ever really have one in this house. Although, maybe that would be a good way to get started! hmmm... TOTALLY on board with the homemade ice cream! My favorite is to do the old fashioned vanilla (the one with eggs in it) and add fresh fruit. Stephanie has got to force feed some to Larry then he'll be hooked! :)