Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cowboy Logan

Mike was so excited when we found this little cowboy outfit at gymboree. When he saw it he just had to have it for Logan. Here are some pictures that he took.


Jessie Eyre said...

Its just sick to think I don't know where you are and that you've had a wee one!!! I'm so sorry! We'd love to hgave you visit our blog all the time! When will you be visiting Provo? We're planning a Christmas party and would love to have you there! Big hugs to you and your darling boy!

Laurel said...

THAT IS SO CUTE! I love your little cowboy and STILL can't wait to meet him. Hooray for little boys dressed up as cowboys!

Amy said...

Yay we found each other!! Ok, so Logan is such a sweet little guy. That outfit is so awesome. John is the same way about shopping. It is no fun, especially when you need a girl's opinion. I am glad the shopping trip was successful though. What did you get for yourself? You look great and I definitely will add you to my blog so that we can check up on each other more often. When you at home during the day, give me a call and we can chat. I would love to hear all about the cute things Logan is doing. I still have my Utah cell number. Love ya!

Jamie said...

Nice duds little bubba! He looks so handsome!...you need a picture of he and Mike together in their cowboy outfits...YEEHAW!!
ok, so I can't believe you even got Mike to the mall...congrats! He is a true guy who hates every minute of it! ha ha
love you!

darcey said...

Haha cuteness! You are more than welcome to read my blog, it's nice to know someone actually reads it. :)

Congrats on your precious boy! Love the cowboy outfit! I like the name Logan too, I have a nephew named Logan. I think it's a "hottie" name though, so you'll have to watch out when he's a teenager! All the girlies!

Lisa said...

I have to side with Mikey on the disklike for shopping. I think I am the only girl on the planet who feels this way... But Logan looks AWESOME is his cowboy digs! Such a cute little fella!