Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Latest Project

I just finished my latest project. The walls in Logan's room seemed bare so I created these new wall hangings. I started with a couple of blank canvases that I found at JoAnn's but you can find them at any craft store. Next I searched for old picture books at thrift stores. After finding the pictures I wanted I mod podged them onto the canvases. Then I printed out the letters of Logan's name on the computer in a font that I like. I cut the letters out, traced them, and then painted them in with black paint.

Here is one up close.


Laurel said...

Okay, those are adorable! I am always trying to come up with new ways to create things for decorating my house. I love finding fun things to do that keep me busy. :)

darcey said...

Very crafty, I like that idea! It turned out really well!

Ryan & Ashby said...

Those are darling! Between your mom's fall apron and those letters I want to come to TN and take some lessons!

Bowman Family said...

Very fun. I might have to do something like that for our girls. You are quite creative.

estinger said...

Dear new BFF...
Those are SO CUTE, I'm so impressed! I'm with Ashby, I'm coming for lessons! When is a good time to visit :)

McAllister Fam said...

Thanks for the cute comment on my blog. I too wish that we could get to know each other in person. This is a great way to get to know someone though. I love all of your posts! I'm glad that you are enjoying TN, but hurry back to utah!

Jamie said...

look at you little miss smarty... what an awesome idea! They turned out so cute!!!!!
ps...I went to the mail box after we hung up and Logan's announcement was there!!! what a darling picture! did Candice take them? super cute!

Dustin Christensen said...

its time for mike to make a saddle for bob and get that kid trained on racing

Elizabeth Moon said...

Wow those are beautiful. Excellent idea. I love the pictures of Gatlinburg and your little cowboy, too! You should check out the line of cowboy baby blankets and onesies at Target. They're really cute.

Frampton Family said...

How cute are you Marissa!! I didn't know you were so crafty. I would love to get together with you during Christmas. I should be back in Utah the first part of December. And I would love to chat to you before then. Just email me your number.

Jessie Eyre said...

I sent this to all of our THS girlfriends' emails but I don't have yours...SO glad I know you're somewhere!!!

Hello Ladies!
Here's the deal. This is the date that MOST everyone will be in town. We'll do a luncheon--hubbies and wee ones (if you have them) are invited, too--at my condominium clubhouse on the 27th of December. So, invitation style:
When: Thursday, December 27th
What time: 11:30 am
Where: Cambria Condominium Clubhouse in Pleasant Grove (address later)
Who: All the girls and their cute newish families
What to bring: We'll talk about that later

For now, put it on your calendar!
Let me know what you all think and who I should count on to come!
Big hugs and love to you all!

Alicia Carter said...

Marissa-- you are so creative, I love it!

Amy said...

That is an adorable idea! You definitely have your mother's creative genes. Any other cute ideas that I can steal? I will give you the credit, don't worry ;).