Thursday, October 04, 2007

Packages are the Best!

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my mom. It was a great suprise that made my day. Along with some yummy treats I found this cute Halloween apron that my mom made inside. Isn't it so cute? My mom is so creative and talented.

Speaking of my mother's talent reminded me of these Halloween pillows we made out of felt last year. We saw some like it at a boutique and decided we would make our own version. I love coming up with new projects to make with my mom. She always knows just how to do it.

Logan's Swing

We were getting ready to go somewhere on Saturday and Mike started swinging Logan in his car seat. To our delight it calmed a fussy Logan down. That's when we knew we needed a swing. We bought and set up the swing Monday night. He seems to really enjoy it and so do I. It is nice to have one more thing to keep the little guy occupied for a couple of minutes to free my hands up. I would also like to dedicate my love to pacifiers. Hooray for modern day conveniences! How did the pioneers do it?


Tara said...

How did they do it? No swings, pacifiers, disposable diapers?!! ANd I love your creativity-coud a little rub off on me please?

Laurel said...

K, I'm so, so glad for you that he loves the swing! It was Isabel's saving grace for a good few months. I am totally jealous of you and your mother's fabulous creativity and ability to make everything adorable! I have now officially been inspired to create! Love you!

Elizabeth Moon said...

I love the apron and pillows! Cute! But you know what's cuter? Logan! (But you already knew that!) I'm using a lot of exclamation points!
Love you!

Bowman Family said...

I totally agree. I am happy to have so many modern things to help with our little ones. Logan is so cute. We should find a time when Mark and I can meet up with you and Mike sometime. We do really live pretty close to each other.

Mandy said...

Love it. I have the same swing. We can sing the songs together when we come down!