Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Utah Here We Come!

We are coming to Utah next week. I am so excited for everyone to meet Logan. I get to stay for two weeks but Mike only gets to stay for a few days unfortunately. Mike is going to turn 29 while we are there and we are going to bless Logan on the 28th so it should be a pretty eventful trip. You are all invited to the blessing. It will be at my parents' ward which is near the Provo temple at 9:00am. I will give exact directions if you are interested. We would love to have everyone there.

So who knows of all the fun things to do in Utah? My sister Stephanie says that there are fun things to do everywhere you go that other people may not know about. For example, you can ride the Sundance ski lift in the summer during the full moon. What else people?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Latest Project

I just finished my latest project. The walls in Logan's room seemed bare so I created these new wall hangings. I started with a couple of blank canvases that I found at JoAnn's but you can find them at any craft store. Next I searched for old picture books at thrift stores. After finding the pictures I wanted I mod podged them onto the canvases. Then I printed out the letters of Logan's name on the computer in a font that I like. I cut the letters out, traced them, and then painted them in with black paint.

Here is one up close.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cowboy Logan

Mike was so excited when we found this little cowboy outfit at gymboree. When he saw it he just had to have it for Logan. Here are some pictures that he took.

Gatliburg, TN

This weekend we headed over to Gatlinburg for something to do. Unfortunately the traffic was terrible. We knew the small town would be crowded with tourists but we hoped it wouldn't be too bad due to the big UT game.

This is Logan looking around as we walked down the main street. He is the most alert baby. The following is a picture of Logan and I in front of a fall display. They were all over town. It was very festive. As you can see Logan had plenty to look at.
If you look closely at the back ground you can see the chair lift that we road on.

This is a view of Gatliburg from the chairlift. It was beautiful.

Here is our family riding the chairlift.

Here we are at the top looking at the great view.

In this picture you can see the smokies in the back ground. It was nice to see some real mountains again.

The chairlift workers said Logan was the yougest rider they ever had. It was a fun day. On our way home we stopped by the outlet stores. There were so many stores it was awesome. I was in heaven and lets just say Mike wasn't. He totally shuts down when we go shopping. He follows me around like a zombie but he is a good sport. It didn't last long though because Logan was tired and hungry. Everyone found something to take home before we had to go though, hooray!
Next I will post Logan in the new outfit that we found.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Packages are the Best!

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my mom. It was a great suprise that made my day. Along with some yummy treats I found this cute Halloween apron that my mom made inside. Isn't it so cute? My mom is so creative and talented.

Speaking of my mother's talent reminded me of these Halloween pillows we made out of felt last year. We saw some like it at a boutique and decided we would make our own version. I love coming up with new projects to make with my mom. She always knows just how to do it.

Logan's Swing

We were getting ready to go somewhere on Saturday and Mike started swinging Logan in his car seat. To our delight it calmed a fussy Logan down. That's when we knew we needed a swing. We bought and set up the swing Monday night. He seems to really enjoy it and so do I. It is nice to have one more thing to keep the little guy occupied for a couple of minutes to free my hands up. I would also like to dedicate my love to pacifiers. Hooray for modern day conveniences! How did the pioneers do it?